Bears in Reception!

Monday 13th October | 2 comments

Lots of bears came to visit RF and RC today. They were big and small, brown and white and every size and colour in between! The children who brought their bears in have written a label for them ready to go on our trip to the woods on Thursday. There are lots of bear activities going on this week including building homes for bears in the construction area and counting and ordering bears. The children also have props to act out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children will continue to practise writing their names and learn new phonemes.
Remember it is our trip to the woods on Thursday and everyone needs to be dressed for the weather conditions. At the moment it is forecast wet and windy! Don’t forget your child needs a packed lunch.
Have a good week from all in reception.

2 responses to “Bears in Reception!”

  1. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    Nathan was very excited about taking his bear into Nursery today (it was a big decision this morning around which one to take…you almost had 3 or 4…and a giraffe!). He has told us all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and is really looking forward to Thursday’s trip (fingers crossed for some dry weather).

  2. Nahed (Aaminahs mum) says:

    Aaminahs sister went to the same trip 2 years ago and had a fantastic time. I hope the trip this year is as equally as enjoyable for you all.

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