This is week in Reception!

Monday 22nd September | 1 comment

This week in Reception our learning is based around Scarecrows. We will be learning about why we have scarecrows and reading the stories ‘The Scarecrow who didn’t scare’ and ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’. The children will also be making 2 scarecrows for The Farsley Scarecrow Festival this Saturday. Mrs Fulton’s class is making a Where’s Wally scarecrow and Miss Curteis’ class are making a Thomas the Tank Engine scarecrow. Why not try and spot them on Saturday?

All the children enjoyed their first PE lesson on Friday. Please remember to bring in a labelled PE kit every week. The children also had the chance to visit some bees up at the school farm. They enjoyed listening for the buzzing sound by staying very quiet and some children even got to try on a bee-keeping suit! Maybe your child can remember any facts they learnt about the bees.

Don’t forget that there is a staff training day this Wednesday so the school is closed to children. We hope you all have a fantastic week!

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  1. Anna Pritchard says:

    I was over the moon to her Olivia talking so enthusiastically about the bees, school farm now has. She explained very clearly how and why bees make honey. Fantastic!!! ( Olivia never talks about school) very happy mum!

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