Another busy week in RS and RC!

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We only have a couple of week left of this term – it has gone so fast! The children continue to work hard and show their readiness for Year 1. They will be visiting their new classrooms and teachers on Thursday – we are sure they will have a great time!

In Literacy this week we are looking at instructions. The children will write their own instructions on how to make a moving fish puppet or a fish jelly. We will be using language such as first, next, then and finally. The children will put actions to the instructions verbally before writing them. The bee jobs include writing instructions on how to brush your teeth, making a jelly fish model and sequencing instructions.

In Mathematics we are learning about ‘capacity’. How much rice/water can fill or half fill different sized containers? Today someone said “It is a quarter full” so this led on to us talking about a container being ‘3/4 full’. The bee jobs are challenging the children to find the largest rice and water container. They also have to draw and label a picture of something which holds more water than a small water bottle.

Alive and Kicking
Don’t forget RC are going on their underwater adventure on Friday morning. Please remember to bring in a £2 contribution. RS children had a fantastic morning last Friday and created their own adventure!

Enjoy the sunshine this week.
The Reception team.

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