Under the Sea in RS and RC!

Wednesday 11th June | 1 comment

This week has seen the start of our new topic ‘Under the Sea’. On Monday the children thought about all the things they would like to find out – we have a lot to cover! They want to learn more about dolphins, fish, sharks, jellyfish, sea plants and lots more.

We started to think about how we are going to find the answers to our questions. Books, the computer and our trips to the Sealife Centre would help us to develop our under the sea knowledge. The children are independently writing a leaflet which includes a sentence/fact about a particular sea animal. With adult support they look for information using google or an information book and then put that information in to a simple sentence. We are really impressed with what they are finding out and writing.

In Mathematics we are doing some data handling. The children are being encouraged to ask their peers different questions like – What is your favourite fruit? Who is your favourite cartoon character? Then are recording this in a tally by collecting information in groups of 5 and then finding the total. The children then respond to questions such as – ‘Which fruit is the most/least popular?’ We are also learning how to use an ICT programme called ‘Purple Mash’. The children are using their data collection questions to create pictograms and answer questions on their findings.

Don’t forget PE is every Friday morning and your child needs to have a t-shirt and shorts. A lot of children haven’t got their kit at school and we don’t have that many spares.

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a good weekend.

The Reception Team.

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  1. Alfie Dawes says:

    How do dolphins jump? I am looking forward to going to the sealife centre to see dolphins. I really enjoyed scooter today.

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