Phonics and Maths in Reception

May 10, 2019 at 12:52 pm



The children have learnt about the number 20.

They have  also been doing lots of estimating this week and then counting to check how many there are.


This week we have focussed on the /er/ phoneme. It’s a difficult phoneme to learn because it sounds very similar to the /ur/ phoneme that the children have already learnt.

It is also most commonly used as a suffix attached to a root word, for example ‘runner‘, ‘swimmer‘ so we have practised ‘chunking’ sounds together to read these words. This means decoding the first part of the word (r-u-nn) then adding the last part (er).  This is a useful reading strategy to use when decoding longer words and is something we encourage the children to do.

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Artists in RH

May 10, 2019 at 12:39 pm


It’s been a wet and windy week but it hasn’t stopped us having fun.


Due to a parent in RH being elected as the new Counsellor for Farsley and Calverly, the children have been learning about what ‘voting’ is and how during elections, it gives everyone a voice. The children have been able to vote in class this week for which treat they wanted on Friday afternoon. They had to cast their vote and then add their ballots to the voting box. The winning vote was to play on the adventure!


The children have been learning about the Artist, Andrew Galsworthy.

They braved the weather and made some fantastic 3D art using natural resources.

A glimpse of other activities:

Phonics and Maths

Have a great weekend.

The RH team


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This week in RD…

May 10, 2019 at 11:47 am


This week RD have been learning how to measure. We challenged ourselves to see who could build the tallest tower!! Henry and Annie built a model of The Shard in London!


We have also been learning how to estimate. We estimated how many times we could run around the playground in one minute and took it in turns to watch the timer!


It has been very wet this weeks so we have enjoyed playing outside exploring the water!

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RH News

May 3, 2019 at 1:04 pm


Being Healthy

The children have been learning about foods that are healthy and what they need to do to their bodies to stay healthy, including drinking lots of water and exercising. The children made smoothies. We discussed the importance of not having too much fruit in the form of juice or smoothies as it can be bad for your teeth.  There is no need to moderate consumption of real fruit though as explained by the NHS here:

Other learning:

Follow the link below for information about Phonics and Maths:

Have a great long weekend and we’ll see on Tuesday!

The RH team

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Phonics and Maths in Reception

May 3, 2019 at 12:50 pm



Tricky words: my, you, was

Phonemes: /air/ and  /ure/


The children have learnt about the numbers 18 and 19. We have continued to practise counting on from numbers to find the total amount with Numicon.

Click here to play some fun number games.

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This week in Nursery

May 3, 2019 at 10:59 am


Last week’s blog had a lovely picture of the blossoming cherry tree outside the Nursery window so that is the starting point of this week’s blog.

The children looked at the tree and talked about it and then had the opportunity to produce their own picture using crayons and paints. They drew the trunk and branches and then used either their fingers or the tip of a paint brush to add the blossom. The pict

ures are so beautiful that we have put a selection on the window so that when the blossom has gone we can still be reminded of what it looked like.

Throughout the week we have provided the children with different sensory experiences instead of water…


Soap flakes


And jelly

Last week some children were really interested in stories about Elmer the patchwork elephant so this week we devoted a whole day to the colourful character. They listened to stories, matched characters to pictures, coloured pictures by numbers, dressed in bright colours, played dominoes, had their faces painted and even decorated one member of staff to look like Elmer.

Over the last few weeks we have been expanding the children’s vocabulary understanding. The words have chosen have  either been ones we have read in stories or words someone has used in Nursery. We print the word and then try and think of all the different meanings for the word. We print pictures and write definitions. Our most recent word is ‘full’. Please try to use this word at home with your child. Other words we have been talking about are rough, smooth, empty, hot, cold and winter. You can support your child’s learning by using these words at home in different contexts.

One of our focus children was keen to visit the pigs and chickens so chose a couple of friends to go with him.

And finally how child led learning works…

This child had built a home for his animal but had stacked the bricks on top of one another so the walls were wobbly. He was shown how to overlap the bricks so that the walls would be stronger and then we went outside to see this method in practice.

Enjoy yet another long weekend!

From Mrs Fulton and the Nursery team


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