Smith the Snail in RH

June 28, 2019 at 1:30 pm



We have continued the work on initial Consonant Clusters. This week we have looked at: /gl/, /gr/, /sm/ and /sn/.

The children seem to have grasped the idea that the letters can be pushed together to make one sound and it has been lovely to see the children now recognising both letters when writing words that begin with consonant clusters, e.g. from.

The tricky word this week was: are


This week the children have been learning the number bonds to 10; this is all the numbers that can be added together to make 10. The children have used Numicon and ten frames to help support their learning. They’ve also enjoyed this catchy song:

We’ve also presented some problems to solve which have encouraged the children to apply their knowledge. Here’s an example,


As part of their learning this week, the children received a letter from Smith the snail. They had to find all the /sn/ and /sm/ consonant clusters in his letter.

The children really enjoyed this activity so they all wrote a letter to Smith. Here are some examples:

Before writing, the children had a look through their books to see what their progress looks like over the year – they couldn’t believe how much their writing had improved and were very proud!

Yesterday, the children received a letter each from Smith answering the questions they asked. They were ecstatic!

Non-Fiction Texts

This week, we have looked at the features of non fiction texts and have been hunting for phonemes in books. The children enjoyed telling  me which pages they wanted to turn to using the contents page.

Key Dates

Wednesday 10th July – Sports Day

Thursday 11th July – Reception Seaside Day – parents are welcome to join for a picnic at 2.30

S Factor

A big well done to Austin for his super experiment during the ‘S Factor’ today. He was very brave presenting in front of the whole school.

We hope you have a great weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Campover on Saturday.

The RH team

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Another busy week in Nursery!

June 28, 2019 at 11:01 am


This week has flown by and again we have been very busy.

The children who had not been to the hairdressers last week had an appointment on Tuesday. A big thank you to Freddie’s mummy for letting us visit so many times.

This week we have been learning to represent the number 8. The children drew 8 circles, 8 lines and then 8 objects of their choice. Finally they practised writing the number 8 which is very tricky. To support the children’s learning please talk about the number at home.

Some children had a session using the large piece of lycra. This promotes listening, turn-taking as well as developing physical skills. They had to stretch it as a group, hide under it and keep a soft toy in the air by working as a team.

Some children have enjoyed painting this week…

And finally today one of our focus children organised a dressing up day. The theme was princess’s, prince’s or Disney…

Don’t forget the Camp Over tomorrow. Lots of the Nursery staff will be there.

Have a good weekend, from the Nursery staff.

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Nursery visit the hairdressers

June 21, 2019 at 2:58 pm


The children in Nursery recently asked if we could change our role play area into a hairdressers again as it was previously very popular. We changed it last week and it has been a very busy area indeed. We thought it would be a good idea to visit a local salon so today we have been for several ‘appointments’.

This comes under the ‘Understanding the World: People and Communities’ area of our curriculum –

  • Remembers and talks about significant events in their own experience.
  • Shows interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them.
  • Shows interest in different occupations and ways of life.
  • Recognises and describes special times or events for family or friends.

So please chat to you child about their experience. The children who were not in Nursery today may get the chance to go next week.

A few other things…

Reading and writing…

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget the Camp Over next weekend.

From the Nursery team



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Budding Scientists in RH!

June 21, 2019 at 1:00 pm


It’s been a very exciting week with the ‘S Factor’ competition. The children did a superb job with their science experiments and have enjoyed being scientists.

We have also had a great time in PE this week practising  hand eye co-ordination, balancing, rolling to a target and bat and ball skills. We also had a chat about Wimbledon and discussed where it takes place and what it is.

In maths, the children have been solving problems involving halving. They have practised splitting a number of things into half/separating into two groups.

In phonics, we have been looking at words that contain consonant clusters at the beginning of words, e.g. spin, bright, frog, flight, black.

The children have been practising sorting pictures, reading and writing words with initial consonant clusters. They have also been given a fun game to play for their homework to practise reading some of these words.

The children went to Special Mention this week. Well done to the children who received a Special Mention certificate this week.

Don’t forget it’s the school Campover next Saturday. If you haven’t got your tickets or want to find out more information, please speak to Diane Walton.

Have a great weekend.

The RH team


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This week in RD…

June 21, 2019 at 12:51 pm


We have been very busy in RD this week! We had an interesting visit to the farm with Mrs Longhorn. First we saw lots of plants and talked about what they need to grow. Then we picked some rhubarb and strawberries, they were delicious! After that we visited the chickens and collected some eggs!


On Monday RD took part in the ‘S Factor’ auditions. We shared lots of exciting experiments with each other and then voted for our favourite. Well done to Rai for winning with his fantastic erupting volcano! We look forward to seeing it again in assembly next Friday.

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RD trip to the steam trains

June 14, 2019 at 2:21 pm


This week RD have been on a school trip to Ingrow Train Station. We found out lots of facts about steam trains and we enjoyed our train ride to Keighley Train Station! Here are some memories from our day:

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