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March 2, 2018 at 3:37 pm


It’s been a strange week but it hasn’t stopped us.

What have we been doing?

Making books:

Playing in the snow:

Making things float and experimenting with materials that float/sink:

A snow party:

Making guitars:

Don’t forget, the rearranged Pyjama Evening is on Thursday 8th March.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe in the snow and ice.

The RH team


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Snow fun in RF

March 2, 2018 at 3:27 pm


What a week we have had. The children have been making the most of the snow in school. On Wednesday even though the wind was blowing from Siberia some of the children went outside to play. They threw snowballs and went sledging. For those children who preferred to stay inside the snow came to them. We put some snow a tray for the children to experience. They talked about how cold it was and how it felt in their hands. Then they found polar bears and made a home for them.

We continued the theme of snow into our PE lesson. The children had to go into the hall, which was covered in snow, and clear all the snow away using their imaginary shovels. Then they put down the salt to make the walkways clear. Then they had four tasks to complete. They had to rescue animals lost in the snow by crawling through a tunnel and climbing over obstacles. The next task was to throw snowballs at targets. Another task was to stamp on the mountain top snow, which was actually bouncing on trampolines. The final task was to use the ropes to complete a mountain rescue. The children really enjoyed completing all of these tasks. To cool down at the end of the lesson the children pretended to be snowmen and the sun came out. They slowly melted to the ground and disappeared. They returned to class all hot and flushed after their exercise despite the snow!

Next week there is a training day on Monday so the children are back into school on Tuesday.

In Phonics we are continuing to revise sh, ch, th and ng in words and practise writing the tricky words I, to, no, go and.

In Numeracy, we will be using number lines to work out addition and subtraction calculations.

Have a good weekend,

From all the staff in RF

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A chilly week in Nursery

March 2, 2018 at 2:39 pm


Well it has been a funny week in Nursery as the heavy snow fall meant having less children and the cancellation of our trip to the library. Nevertheless we’ve been busy.

Luckily Claire from Farsley library came to visit us in the afternoon. She brought with her some of her favourite books. We listened very carefully.

We have enjoyed playing out in the snow by towards the end of the week it got very cold so we didn’t stay out for long!

We have also been busy playing, listening to stories, counting, sharing our news, singing and baking…

Have a great weekend, wrap up warm! Don’t forget we have a training day on Monday, so we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

The Nursery team

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A busy week in RF

February 23, 2018 at 3:36 pm



Another full week in RF!




This week the children have been very busy outside. They have been investigating water slides and fishing for numbered ducks. Some children were making sandcastles and working on their maths at the same time by counting the castles and then saying how many they would have if they had 1 more.

Other children were singing and dancing or racing each other to see who was the fastest on the bikes. They made predictions to see who they thought would be the fastest and then tested to see if they were right. Some of the children were working on woodwork projects. They strengthened the muscles in their hand and wrists by hammering nails into a very hard block of wood whilst also making a pattern with the nails to wrap wool around. Some children went to the farm and planted seeds.

Inside was just as busy!

The children have been learning how to use number lines so that next week they can use them to work out addition and subtraction calculations. They used a number line on the whiteboard and then used smaller individual ones. A group of children wanted to find out how tall they were so found a tape measure and measured their friends and recorded the results.

One child was interested in making circuits so we collected all the equipment we needed and then Mr Wilson came in to give a demonstration. This activity was also very good for strengthening the muscle in fingers to help with writing. Mask making was also popular this week.

Next week in Phonics we will be revising Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds and practising reading them in words. We will also consolidate the tricky words we have been learning and use them in writing.

Have a good weekend,

From all the staff in RF

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Busy Bees in RH

February 23, 2018 at 3:24 pm


We hope you all had a lovely half term. The children have settled back into school well and have been extremely busy.


We have reviewed the phonemes we have learnt last term as assessments showed that the children hadn’t picked up some of the later (and trickier) phonemes. We have looked at /ai/ /ee//igh//oa/ /oo/ /ar/ /or/ /ur/ and have particularly focussed on identifying the phonemes in words and reading them.


The children have completed lots of number work this week. They have  used Numicon, becoming familiar with the pieces and saying what one more or one less than a number is. They have also been counting on from different numbers and finding children who have the same numbers.

‘Busy Bee’ books

The children have been given a writing book this week called their ‘Busy Bee’ book. They can write in their books whenever they want and about anything they want. The books are special to the children and they have loved writing in them this week – some children have even written in their books twice! The books encourage the children to sit their letters on a line and we encourage the children to write sentences in their books as they’re expected to be able to write a sentence by the end of Reception.

The children also have a ‘success criteria’ alongside each piece of work which highlights what the children can do in their writing and what their next steps are.

Some examples of the children’s writing:


The children’s individual targets have been stuck to their pictures and are on display. A few parents have found this useful as they have been able to see what their child’s targets area and work on them at home.

What else has been happening?

Hassan made an airport with some help from Eesa.

Aniyah made a cake shop.

Viaan made a book about animals.

Alise wanted to make a maths sheet for her friends so she did this and then taught a maths lesson. She started with Bingo and then taught children about finding ‘one more’ than a number.

Pyjama Evening

Don’t forget it is our Pyjama Evening on:

Thursday 1st March from 6.15pm – 7.00pm

The Foundation Stage classrooms will be transformed into cosy rooms where you can settle down to listen to different stories in your pyjamas.

It is a lovely evening – we hope you can attend!

Have a great weekend.

The RH team



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Welcome back Nursery!

February 23, 2018 at 2:44 pm


Welcome back! We hope you all had a great week off. Thank you to everyone who has shared photos and information about their half term holidays. We are slowly getting through all the children sharing what they have been doing. It is great to listen to all the detail about everything they have been busy with. It isn’t too late to send us a Tapestry observation.

In Literacy this week the children have been acting out the story of ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’ either using puppets or themselves as the characters. We are encouraging the children to tell us a story by using the pictures in well-known story books. In phonics we continue to practise sounding out and blending CVC words using our Jack and Jill song. New words this week included tin, fox, rat and van. The children are doing well listening to the sounds and hearing the word it makes. It is a good game to play at home too.

In our number work we have been counting forwards to 20 and back from 5 and 10. The children then had a pile of toys to sort out – how could they do it? A little problem solving and also counting how many were in each group. We have enhanced some areas with shape resources. We have introduced the children to the artist ‘Wassily Kandisky’. They have used circles to create some beautiful pictures some of which are displayed on the classroom window. They have also been busy making shape pictures using nails and hammers.

Farsley Library trip

Don’t forget we have our trip to Farsley library next Wednesday 28th February.  The children can come to school this day dressed up. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help. We are still in need of volunteers for the afternoon trip.

The children have been super busy baking, playing team/board games, storytelling, playing outside, painting, making shape pictures and lots more!

Have a great weekend, wrap up warm.

The Nursery team

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