A busy week in Reception!

Friday 26th November | 1 comment


We have been busy during our maths sessions, this week. We have learned all about the number 5 and we have looked at 1 more. We have used lots of different resources to model and show 1 more and the children are beginning to say what 1 more is without recounting. Super maths this week.


During our phonics sessions, we are really focusing on the tricky words we have learned so far. The children are beginning to recognise them in writing and have started to form some of the letter shapes that make them. We have looked at the phonemes for ‘l’ and ‘ll’ this week.

A touch of Italy

This week we have been learning about all things Italian. We have looked at Italy on a map and coloured the Italian flag. The children have learned some interesting facts, had a go at speaking the language, and tasted some Italian cake! We also discussed healthy eating and that cakes are just to be eaten as a treat.

All things cold

On Monday morning lots of children were very excited about the frost they had seen on their way to school. We talked about what frost is and where the children had seen frost: on car windows, on the grass, on the path. Everybody wanted to share and the children listened very well to each other. We learnt about how animals spend the winter. During the week, we read lots of winter related stories, made frosty pictures, coloured in snowflakes, and had snow and arctic animals in our water tray.

Everything else

Can we please remind parents and carers that reading records should be brought into school each day as we cannot guarantee which day your child will be read with. Can you also remember to bring homework books in on a Thursday, for marking, and library books on a Friday. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.

The reception team

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  1. Marion says:

    Looks like a really fun week!

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