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Friday 19th November | 6 comments


This week we have revisited the tricky words we have learned so far (I, go, no, to, and the). We have also looked at two new phonemes. We have focused on ‘f’ and ‘ff’. We are now looking at each phoneme over two days so that we can concentrate on reading for a day and writing for a day. The children are really impressing us with their phonics knowledge.


During our maths sessions, we have been looking at shapes and positional language. The children have focused on circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles. We have played ‘guess the shape’ and created some fantastic shape pictures in our creative areas.

Shape hunt

The children have really enjoyed learning about the different shapes in maths. We decided to take the learning outside and go on a shape hunt. It was lovely to see so many children engaged and able to tell a grown-up everything they have learned about shape. Well done Reception.

Toy Story

This week we have focused on the characters from Toy Story. We have made masks, cut out characters to create puppets for a puppet show, and used shapes to make rocket pictures. The children have also looked into space and enjoyed watching and singing along to the planet song.


A child told the class all about the worms he had found in his garden. We decided to investigate the school ground to see if we could find some too. We found plenty! We made a ‘Worm World’ and now have some class pets! The children have enjoyed learning all about worms.

RE – What makes a good helper?

This week we have been learning about what makes a good helper. We have focused on sharing and taking turns, thinking about how we should treat others.


This week we have taken our maths sessions into the hall. The children enjoyed reading the story ‘We are Going on a Bear Hunt’ while thinking about the different positions. We continued using our mathematical language during PE. We had a go at moving in different ways; over, under, next to, etc.

Everything else

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team

6 responses to “Reception News”

  1. Rachel Shaw says:

    This looks like such a fun week!

  2. Patricia McCarthy says:

    Lovely mix of photos of the children playing whilst learning


    Great photos of all the activities. Not seen Shivam in any of the photos though!!

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