Nursery Rhymes in Nursery

Friday 19th November | 3 comments

This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week. We always sing or recite Nursery Rhymes but this week we have been learning some new ones. Here is a very old traditional rhyme about 3 blind mice…

And another one about a teapot…

This week we have been learning about another word, ’empty’. We use this word quite often in Nursery when the children have their milk and we ask if their carton is empty. Please reinforce this vocabulary at home in all the different situations.

The children have once again been very busy. Have a look at a selection of the things they have been doing…


EExAT is our observational and assessment tool. You will have received a letter with a code allowing you to register but if you haven’t managed to set this up yet please let us know. You will not receive alerts from us when an observation has been posted but will need to set this up yourselves. You will be able to add observations for your child. A big thank to those parents who have already put lovely observations on for their child. You can also comment on the observations we put on. Just a reminder that with the new Statutory Guidance for the Foundation Stage there is less emphasis on paperwork (or digital) and more on adults working and interacting with the children. We feel that we already know the children really well and the children are benefitting from this way of working.

A big thank you for all the lovely comments about our blog. We really enjoy showcasing what we do in Nursery.

Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team.

3 responses to “Nursery Rhymes in Nursery”

  1. The ‘twins’ mum 😂 says:

    Loving the train! 👍

  2. Bhawana Bhawana says:

    Navya has been using this word a lot at home she was trying to add ’empty’ word whereever she could . She said my teacher taught us this word . Thanks for making them learn everything.

  3. Rebecca, Lauren's mum says:

    Lauren has been singing and dancing “I’m a little teapot” all weekend and we have all had to join in! Very sweet. Thank you for sharing photos of what the children have been doing all week, they all look to be enjoying learning new things.

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