Reception News – 15.10.21

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In Maths this week we have been learning about size, mass, and pattern. The children set up a teddy bears’ picnic for a big and a small bear and found big and small items in the classroom. They did very well ordering straws by size and using them to make repeating patterns. For homework this week, we would like the children to create some repeating patterns at home. On Thursday, we used the balancing scales to explore the concepts of heavy and light. The children were very good at predicting if an item was going to be heavier or lighter.


This week during our phonics we have learned the tricky word ‘to’. We have also looked at the letter names and sounds for: m, d, and g. The children have practised blending sounds to read words and they have even managed to match CVC words to pictures.


This week the children have been interested in the leaves that are falling. We have discussed Autumn and touched on the other seasons as well. We have found lots of different coloured leaves to create nature pictures and even used materials to make colourful collages.


We have learned all about ladybirds. We discovered that not all ladybirds are red with black spots. Ladybirds can be yellow, orange, brown, or red with black, white, or red spots. Some even have stripes instead of spots! 

The children enjoyed hunting for ladybirds but unfortunately, we did not find any! We did find lots of interesting creatures and still had lots of fun!


Pirates visited RPK and made a big mess! Have you seen them? We have been busy creating wanted posters and making treasures.

Everything else

Have you visited the lovely new book shop in Farsley? Our school has a loyalty account with them. Please mention that your child is a pupil at Farsley Farfield when you buy a book from there and we will get points to spend on books for school.  


Have a lovely weekend

The Reception team

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