Fun in Reception!

December 19, 2020 at 8:38 am


This week we have introduced ‘real’ and ‘nonsense’ words. The ‘nonsense’ words are sometimes referred to as ‘trash’ or ‘alien’ words. The children have really enjoyed decoding and reading the different words and placing them into the correct place. Interactive games have supported this.

We have also learned the phonemes ‘v’ and ‘w’. We have been reading and writing words that begin with these sounds.


In maths this week we have been working on our reasoning skills and exploring shapes with 4 sides in our environment. The children have compared rectangles and squares and are aware of their differences. We have continued to form digits to 10 and represent them in different ways. We have also learned some number bonds to 7! We know 4 and 3 makes 7 and 5 and 2 also makes 7.

Everything else!

Our party

We hope you have a lovely break and we will see you all in the new year!

The Foundation Team

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Nursery Christmas party

December 18, 2020 at 1:45 pm

On Wednesday we had our Christmas party for all the children. We tried to make it as normal as possible for them so we had party games, party food and a visit from someone very special.

Dancing and games

The children enjoyed dancing together and lots of them joined hands to dance with their friends which was lovely to see especially in these strange times! (Of course lots of hand washing and hand sanitiser). Some of these photos are a little blurred but it shows the movement and the fun the children were having. They also enjoyed playing ‘Pass-the-parcel’ which was very new to some of them.

Then came the party food…

This year instead of having a ‘shared meal’ approach to our party when each child would bring something to share with other children, all the children brought their own. This worked remarkably well and there was no mess afterwards!

Finally, a visitor and his helper…

Santa sent the grown-ups a quick message before his visit to say that he would like to stay outside to keep everyone safe. The children were very surprised by the knock on the window by the elf and then Santa appeared. The children were very lucky as he brought everyone a present.

We have of course been doing other things this week including body percussion for our Phase 1 phonic activity. Click on the link to practise with your children over the holidays.
The Nursery team wish everyone a happy Christmas and safe new year and a good rest.

Thank you for all the kinds gifts and cards.

See you in 2021

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A great week in Reception!

December 11, 2020 at 3:26 pm


This week we have completed some phonics assessments. The children have really impressed us with their phonic knowledge.

We have also revised some of the tricky words we have learned so far and practised forming the letters which make these words.

The new phonemes we have learned this week are ‘j’ and ‘ss’. We are starting to read more words and write more words/sentences in our phonics sessions. The children are adapting well to this.


In maths this week we have been focusing on spatial awareness and recapping number. The children have been on a bear hunt using the language of under and over. We have also enjoyed hiding objects around the classroom and describing the position.

We are pleased with how well the children are developing their understanding of number. Lots of children were able to give reasons and recognise amounts of objects without counting them all. Can you try these subitising pictures at home? Can your child say how many without counting each one?


Thank you for all of your observations and communication on EExAT. It is great to see how the children continue their learning at home. If you are unsure of how to log in or use EExAT please email your child’s class teacher.

Everything else!

We are looking forward to our Christmas party on Wednesday. Please remember to bring your own party food and you can also wear your own clothes.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

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This week in Nursery

December 11, 2020 at 2:35 pm

The glitter has arrived!

The children have enjoyed making cards for Christmas, selecting their own resources and writing their names.

They continue to be very settled after most of them returned from two weeks off. Have at look at the variety of other things they have been doing…

The children have been learning a signing song about snowmen. Keep an eye out next week for a brilliant virtual performance. In the meantime here is a link for you to join in with at home…
Don’t forget that next Wednesday we are having our Christmas parties. Your child can come dressed in party clothes and bring a small selection of food from the list on the letter. Can we remind you that we are a nut free school so please check the ingredients.

Thank you to all those parents who have contributed observations and comments to the EExAT observations, keep them coming!

Have a good weekend from the Nursery team.
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Back to our normal routines!

December 4, 2020 at 4:14 pm

The children seem very happy to be back this week and have easily settled back into their daily routines.


This week we have revisited some on the tricky words we have already learned. We have also learned ‘l’ and ‘ll’. It has been lovely to see how much the children have been practising their letter shapes.


In maths this week we have continued our learning about 2D shapes. The children have explored shapes through art work and shape hunts. We have been impressed by the children’s reasoning skills in maths this week. Can your child try these shape challenges at home?

New water area

The children have really enjoyed exploring the new water area and equipment.

Everything else

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team

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Back to Nursery!

December 4, 2020 at 1:24 pm

The children returned to Nursery this week after two weeks off for some of them. They have really enjoyed being back and have settled back into routines and friendships.

We put out a tree for the children to decorate and some children helped to set up the Nativity scene…

Over the last few weeks we have added some enhancements to some of our areas of provision including tape measures, an ‘Estimation Station’, a laptop (to role play ‘Google Meets’!), calculators, cameras and a voting station. The children have been choosing the story they want to hear by putting a brick into the appropriate jar.

We have also improved our outside water are with new resources…

The children now have name cards with photos on so that they can write their names on pictures independently or write a card for their friends. They have enjoyed recognising themselves and talking to their friends about the pictures.

The children have continued to enjoy joining in with ‘Write Dance’ activities to promote physical development. here is one they really enjoy…


Thank you to all the parents who have added comments to our observations or indeed added their own observations. It is great to hear what you have to say about your children. Please keep adding to the learning journey.

The children have been invited to wear Christmas jumpers on Thursday of next week but could we please ask that they wear them on Wednesday as well as we have a surprise we are preparing for parents!


Today it snowed!

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Foundation Blog – Home Learning – 01.12.20

December 1, 2020 at 8:44 am

Today is our last day of online learning! We are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. Here’s the activities for today.

Challenge of the day

Today’s challenge of the day focuses on being independent. You could start by ensuring your child can get dressed by themselves. This is something that all children (throughout the school!) find tricky before and after PE lessons so lots of practice is always helpful. You may like to extend this task and introduce some little jobs that may help you around the house.

Can you get undressed by yourself?

Can you get dressed by yourself?

Can you fasten buttons and zips?

Can you put on and take off your shoes and coat?

If you’d like a real challenge you could have a go at fastening shoelaces?

Every child is different so have a think about jobs or tasks that you could introduce. For example cleaning teeth, washing, taking plates to the sink after meals or putting toys away. This is a great opportunity to make your own lives easier!

We know that often these things are easier said than done and may become a bit of a battle. Foundation Stage staff are all happy to help so if a phone call from a member of school staff might help just let us know and we’d be happy to give you a call or send you a video message.

Reception only – Phonics

Today’s letter sound is ‘m’. Can you thing of any words that begin with the letter sound ‘m’?

Here are some we have thought of. Can you read them? Can you write them?

Please also continue with your daily name writing.

Here are some useful video links to watch.

Reading at home

There are some super, free eBooks available on: You will need to create an account but it is completely free.

Reception only – Maths

Today we are continuing to look at circles and triangles. Can you find circles and triangles in these pictures? Can you create your own shape picture?

Nursery Phonics

Environmental sounds

A fun activity…

Make some tasty food for all the family.

Children love to help with cooking and baking. They can mix the ingredients while you chat about what you are doing.

Stories and songs for everyone to enjoy

Extra sheets to print

Have a lovely day and see you all in the morning!

The Foundation team

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