Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 13th July

July 12, 2020 at 3:30 pm

It’s going to be a creepy crawly week! This week we are focusing on minibeasts! We have found lots of activities for you to explore and enjoy. Have fun!


Let’s get creative with natural materials! Natural objects make wonderful art materials and they provide a great sensory experience for children too. To make a minibeast collage, collect flower petals, leaves, sticks and feathers. You can make your creepy crawly on the woodland floor or stick your items onto a piece of card.

Let’s have a go at drawing some bugs….

Could you make a hotel for the minibeasts in your garden? Here are some simple instructions to help you.

As you listen to this counting song can you practise your number formation? Write down each number as you hear it. Did you make sure that all of your numbers are the right way round?

Stories and Songs

Please remember that more resources are available on Twinkl and Imoves. They have some great minibeast activities to print and use. The links have been added below for ease.

We sent home an activity sheet and dice. Have a go at creating your own subtractions and writing them as number sentences. The sheet is attached below.

Nursery Phonics

Environmental sounds game…

This is a game to introduce some of the first initial sounds…

A movement song to develop gross motor skills and core strength…

There are lots more ‘Write Dance’ movement songs for your child to join in with. A favourite one in Nursery is ‘Hot Potato’, have a search on YouTube.

Here is a song about bugs to join in with. Can you move in time with the music? Can you pretend to be an insect?

This is a rhyming song by Michael Rosen…

And here is a counting story about worms…

Can you draw some worms? How many can you draw?

Reception – Phonics

This week we are continuing to revise some of the phonemes we have previously learned. We will practise saying the phonemes (sounds), writing them sorting them. We are introducing ‘trash’ and ‘treasure’ words this week. Good luck with your sorting. We have attached the planning and sheets you will need below.

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Another Amazing Week – Nursery and Reception Photos – 10th July 2020

July 10, 2020 at 9:20 am

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – 6th July 2020

July 5, 2020 at 3:14 pm

This week we will be focusing on the life cycle of a butterfly. We have chosen some lovely stories and songs for you to watch and enjoy. We have also attached lots of activities for you to choose from.


Can you draw the life cycle of a butterfly? Watch the video to see what happens first, next, after that and finally. Then have a go at drawing the different stages.

Within your home learning packs you should have received some wooden sticks and a worksheet. The sheet is attached below. Have a go at completing some additions and some subtractions to create 10!

Why not make your own caterpillar. You could add numerals to each section, mix them up and order them again. Instructions on how to make a caterpillar can be found below.

We have added the caterpillar words for you to practise reading and writing. If you already know them, try to put them into sentences.

Can you create your own beautiful butterfly? Watch the video below to help you.

How about testing your drawing skills? See how you get on with these…..

Don’t forget to look for more, printable, resources on Twinkl and Imoves.

Nursery Phonics

This week, the ‘I Spy’ game is about hearing the sounds at the beginning of the words. Can your child hear which sound the words begin with? They do not necessarily need to recognise the letter but differentiate between the sounds orally.

A game to develop listening skills…

Instrumental sounds.

Can you close your eyes and think about a caterpillar crawling around? Can you crawl around to the music like a caterpillar?

Here is a counting song about caterpillars to join in with…

Songs to join in with…

And exercises to keep you healthy…

Reception Phonics

This week we are revising some previously learned phonemes. We will practise saying the phonemes (sounds), writing them and sorting them. We are introducing ‘alien’ words this week. I hope you manage to sort the words correctly. We have attached the planning and sheets you will need below.

Good luck

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Nursery and Reception – Photos – W/C 29th June 2020

July 3, 2020 at 1:04 pm

We have had another fantastic week. The weather hasn’t been amazing but we did not let that stop our fun! We have had a roaring good week with lots of learning.

We hope you have a lovely weekend. From the Foundation Team.

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