Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 1st June 2020

May 31, 2020 at 3:33 pm

Welcome back to home learning. We hope you have had a restful break during these difficult times.

The Foundation blog has changed. This is due to our staff working in school full time.

We still want to provide learning opportunities for children who are not attending school at this time.

We will be adding a blog post each Monday which will include a focus story and activities to accompany it. You will have the whole week to complete your chosen tasks and upload them onto Tapestry for us all to see and assess. The tasks can be printed or you can view them and create your own.

We look forward to seeing how you get on!

Story Book

This week the story is: Bump Back to Earth.

How many planets are there? Can you name them? Can you draw them all?

Other space stories to listen to…

There are five stories to listen to, one for each day of the week. Which one is your favourite?

Can you draw a picture or write a sentence about your favourite one?

In the story of Eric and the Red Planet could you count all objects?

You could choose a number and draw the correct number of objects, for example, 3 boxes of space biscuits!

Can you retell the story to your grown-up?

Planet song

Find out what it’s like in space…

Would you like to go into space?

Can you find some materials in your house to make a rocket?

You could use boxes and kitchen paper rolls or Lego or construction kits.

Think about making it tall, can you make it taller than you?

Take a look at this Youtube Channel to find out how every day activities are so different in space!

Weekly Activities

Reception only – Phonics

This half term the phonics sessions are all revision based. We ask our home learners to choose a tricky word each day and write a sentence including it. We have uploaded the tricky word songs to inspire you and a sheet to support writing.

Take a look at this website for a few more idea to support your child practising their tricky words-

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Friday 22nd May

May 21, 2020 at 3:50 pm

Tapestry Challenge

For today’s Tapestry Challenge we would like you to find out about Ramadan and Eid. This weekend lots of your friends will mark the end of Ramadan by celebrating the festival of Eid. During Ramadan, some children have spent time considering charities and giving to help others. Maybe you could sort your toys and considering donating toys to others who may need them? (Once lockdown is over of course!)

Here are some videos of your friends talking about Ramadan and Eid.

Usually, some children would go to the Masjid during Ramadhan. One family decided to make their very own Masjid at home this year since it is closed during the lockdown. Doesn’t it look fantastic!

Some children had calendars to count down the days of Ramadan. Can you think of any festivals that you celebrate that include counting down on a calendar?

Maybe you could make and send an Eid card to someone special?

Eid Mubarak!

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?


Reception only – Phonics

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Thursday 21st May

May 20, 2020 at 4:14 pm

Tapestry Challenge

For today’s Tapestry Challenge we would like you to do a scientific investigation! Could you find out about sinking and floating?

You could use the sink, a bath, a bucket or even a paddling pool for this task. Can you find objects around your house, predict if they will sink or float and then find out. Just make sure you check with an adult before throwing anything into water- no broken Ipads please!

Could you record your findings? Maybe you could write a list of items that float and a list of items that sink. Use your phonics sound mat to support your writing.

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

Reception only – Phonics

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Wednesday 20th May

May 19, 2020 at 4:01 pm

Tapestry Challenge

Today’s challenge requires you to recognise and order numbers up to 20.

If given numbers 0-20 can your child put them in order?

If you remove one number can your child tell you which number is missing and explain how they know? E.g. I know number 13 is missing because 12 is the number before 13 and 14 is the number after 13.

Can you collect 20 leaves, write numbers on the leaves and thread them onto string to make yourself a natural number line? What else could you use instead of leaves?

You might like to get a grown-up to hide numbers around the house for you to find and order?

Could you stick numbers to your stairs so that you’re counting and recognising numbers every time you walk up the stairs?

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Thank you Alfie for sending in today’s joke!

Reception only – Phonics

For guidance on how to use these phonics videos please take a look back at Monday’s blog.

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Tuesday 19th May

May 18, 2020 at 3:41 pm

Tapestry Challenge

For today’s Tapestry Challenge we would like you to help a grown-up do the washing! Grown-ups will either love or hate this task but there are so many learning opportunities we couldn’t resist including it.

You’ll need to start by sorting the clothes by colour. Lots of opportunities to name colours, discuss and compare light/dark and talk about why we separate clothes before washing them. Which pile of clothes is the biggest?

Then you’ll need to help get the washing machine ready. How many washing tablets or how much liquid do you need? Can you carefully pour and measure the correct amount? Next, you’ll need to help your grown-up press the correct buttons. Can you see any numbers or letters on the washing machine?

Can you help your grown-up hang the washing out? Pegs can be a little tricky but they are great for working on our fine motor skills! How many items will you hang up? How long will it take for the washing to dry?

Finally, you can help fold and put the washing away. Can you sort the socks into matching pairs? You could use your counting in 2s skills to find out how many socks there are. How do you know which clothes belong to each member of your family? Are everyone’s clothes the same size?

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

For guidance on how to use these phonics videos please take a look back at yesterday’s blog.

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Monday 18th May

May 17, 2020 at 4:21 pm

Tapestry Challenge

Today’s Tapestry challenge focuses on reading. Last week Reception children should have received more reading books in their home learning packs. Ideally, the children should spend some time reading each day. We understand that this is tricky as books are not being changed regularly so today we would like to give you some online reading ideas.

At school, we use Oxford Owl books. Currently, you are able to make a free home account and access their books online. Take a look at their website for more information.

Similar resources are also available through Collins. See the details below for how to access free online books.

Reading does not need to be the children reading an entire book by themselves. Reading to your child and inspiring a love for sharing stories is so important for young children! Try to talk about characters, plot and settings. Remembering storylines, making predictions and understanding texts is just as important as the reading itself.

When sharing stories at home try to ask questions throughout the story to check your child’s understanding and comprehension. Here are some questions you could ask your child as you read together.

Why did you choose this book?

If this character lived next door would we be friends?

How is that character feeling? Why?

What might happen on the next page?

Did you learn any new words in this book?

What was your favourite part of the story?

Who was your favourite character?

Lots of reception children have been asking for the next sets of key words. See the document below for all key words.

Song of the Day

Story of the Day

Joke of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

We are now going to share videos of our full phonics lessons as they would have been taught in school. Phonics is such a vital part of the school day we really want to give the children as many opportunities as possible to continue their learning.

A phonics lesson at school is around 20 minutes. We have split the video down into 4 sections but ideally, they should all be completed together. We have realised that Geraldine makes phonics videos look easy but we have tried our best and hopefully they will be a useful resource! Please let us know if you have any suggestions.


We start every phonics lessons revisiting the sounds previously taught. Each week we will cover all phase 2 and 3 sounds during these sections. If you have flashcards at home you might find your child prefers to complete the revisit section using those rather than watching the videos or using online resources such as . This is fine as long as each session starts with a recap of previous sounds. If you find your child is struggling with a particular sound try to include this daily during the revisit section.


During this section will focus on blending together sounds to form words. Feel free to pause this video if your child needs a little more time to think about each word. You could also introduce some writing here and get your child to write each word.

Teach & Practise

At this stage of the phonics lesson, we will introduce the sound of the day and practise reading writing words including the sound. Today’s sound is a consonant cluster made up of 2 sounds that we already know. Your child will need their whiteboard and pen or a pen and paper to complete this section.


To finish off our phonics lesson we will apply the new sound into sentence writing. Again, please pause the video when needed to ensure your child understands and has extra time if needed.

Please adapt this section to fit the needs of your child. At school, we often give very different levels of support. Some children will be happy to write the full sentence themselves whereas others may need a little encouragement. Try offering to write the sentence for your child and then ‘forgetting’ certain sounds or making silly mistakes. Your child will love helping you or correcting your work! We also regularly give the children the words on paper, in a random order for them to either copy in the correct order or stick onto their paper in the correct order. Don’t feel the need to have a huge family argument to get the writing done! Adapt the process to ensure that some learning takes place during each session.

Don’t forget to post your phonics work on Tapestry! We can’t wait to see your super writing!

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Friday 15th May

May 14, 2020 at 4:23 pm

Tapestry Challenge

Today we would like the children to continue using everyday language relating to time. We would like the children to think about activities that they do every day such as brushing teeth, eating a meal or having a bath and consider how long each of these activities takes. If possible the children could use sand timers, a clock or a timer on a phone/tablet to time different tasks.

Which is the quickest?

Which takes the longest?

How can we find out exactly how long each activity takes?

If you would like to extend this challenge you could start to discuss seconds, minutes and hours and when we might use each of those units of measure.

Song of the Day

Joke of the Day

Story of the day

Reception only – Phonics

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning Thursday 14th May

May 13, 2020 at 5:14 pm

Tapestry Challenge

Today’s task focuses on music and movement. We have not included a song of the day on today’s blog as there are lots of songs included in today’s challenge!

Start by listening to these two versions of a familiar song.

Can you name the song? Can you sing along?

Try dancing to the two songs. How might you move your body differently for each song?

Which version do you prefer and why? What’s different?

Now let’s think about different styles of dance. Try watching and joining in with these videos. How does each style of dance make you feel?

Joke of the Day

Story of the day

Reception only – Phonics

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Wednesday 13th May

May 12, 2020 at 4:11 pm

Tapestry Challenges

Today’s challenge is all about guessing and estimating. We would like you to start with a small number of items and estimate how many are in the group. You may use your knowledge of number bonds to help you e.g. ‘I can see there are 2 here and 3 there and I know that 2+3=5.’

To extend this challenge try using higher numbers. Try to use language or more or less than e.g. Are there more or less than 10 oranges in the bowl?

You might also like to think about capacity. Can you estimate how many bricks will fit in this box? If other members of your family also guess you can figure out who was closest.

Lots of opportunities for maths-based discussions today! We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Songs of the Day

Joke of the Day

Story of the Day

Each day we will be having a ‘Story of the day’. Some stories may have repeated refrains to join in with and some may be rhyming stories. Please talk with your child about the story. Some suggestions for questions:

Who are the main characters?

Where is the story set?

Is this a rhyming story?

What do you think will happen at the end of the story?

Did you enjoy the story and why?

Reception only – Phonics

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Nursery and Reception Home Learning – Tuesday 12th May

May 11, 2020 at 4:13 pm

Tapestry Challenge

Today’s task is all about animals!

Firstly, we would like you to draw and label your favourite animal. You could label with body parts or adjectives to describe the animal. If you’re feeling really fancy you could write a sentence or even a story about your animal?

Next, we would like you to think about how animals can be sorted. If you have teddies or toy animals you could use them to help you. You could sort them by size, farm/zoo or even think about what they eat.

Finally, we would like you to think about where animals live. Take a look at a map and think about different animals that you might find in a selection of countries. Where could you look to find out more about animals? What sources of information could you use?

Songs of the Day

Jokes of the Day

Reception only – Phonics

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