Nursery & Reception Home Learning 3/4/20

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Thank you to everybody who has got involved with home learning over the last two weeks. It seems like everybody is using them as intended but we just want to make sure that you are aware the aim of these blogs posts is to give you options and ideas. We are not intending to put any pressure on parents but we are trying to help where we can. We know that we are including a lot of information but that does not mean you have to complete every task every day! Hopefully, you’re enjoying the tasks as much as we are enjoying seeing your tapestry posts.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Tapestry Challenge today is to have a picnic with your family! Even if the weather is bad you could have your picnic indoors.

How many people will come to your picnic? How many plates will you need? How many cups? If you bring too many or not enough plates/cups can you add or take away one?

What food will you serve at your picnic? Could you write a menu? Could you write down what each person would like to drink?

Maybe you will help your grown-up to prepare the food? You might need to count out or weigh the ingredients!

Song of the Day

Can you practise your number formation as you listen to today’s song of the day?

Joke of the Day

Reception only: Phonics

The sound of the day is sh- it’s probably one you’ve heard your grown-ups say a lot recently!

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