Nursery & Reception Home Learning 30/3/20

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Last week we had a great start to home learning! Thank you so much for everything you are doing to support your children to ensure they are still making progress. It is really important that the children are still doing maths, reading and writing daily to ensure the transition back into school is not too tricky. We will try to include ideas for how to squeeze all three areas into the Tapestry Challenge each day but we love seeing the creative ideas you’re coming up with yourselves!

It’s great to see so many parents making use of free resources online such as twinkl. You might have noticed that some resources downloaded from there are not in cursive fonts. Generally, there is an option to download an alternative version. Please see the images below or contact staff if you need some support with this.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to select your favourite story character and show us! We would love if you could draw and label a picture of them. When labelling some children should be able to label independently, others will need support from an adult but could still write some letters. Don’t forget to use your sound mat for support. You could extend this task by writing a sentence about your favourite character!

You could include some counting in this task too. How many legs does your character have? How many times do they feature in the story? How many different colours will you need to draw them?

Song of the Day

Enjoy learning about the planets in today’s song! Could you draw and write the names of each planet?

Joke of the Day

Thank you to Maude for today’s joke!

What goes ha ha ha thud?

A monster laughing it’s head off!

Reception only: Phonics

We are glad to see that children are still enjoying their phonics work at home. If possible please try to go over the sounds daily. You could do this using the sound mats sent home in your work packs or using any of the phonics website previously mentioned in the blog. Try this Youtube Video-

Sound of the day is z. Again, it’s a tricky one to find examples of! On any phonics websites, you will find the z sound under phase 3 phonics.

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