Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 27/3/20

Friday 27th March | 2 comments

Wow! What a kind bunch of friends you are! Yesterday we heard children were video calling each other and sending pictures, messaging and drawings to cheer up their friends. Well done everybody! Parents- There is a Facebook group run by parents called ‘Farsley Farfield 2019 Starters’ that you might be interested in joining. At school, the children made sure they thanked the adults who are still at school helping us by making lunch and keeping the school clean.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to sort objects. Can you sort by colour, shape and size? What else could you sort by? If you added …… where would it go?

If you’re feeling fancy you could extend this by sorting numbers e.g. Numbers that are more than 3 and numbers that are less than 3.

Which one doesn’t belong has lots of pictures that you could use to spark discussion about sorting into groups. The shapes ones will probably be most interesting for Nursery & Foundation stage- maybe leave graphs and equations for now!

Try posting pictures onto Tapestry for your teachers to guess what you have sorted by.

Song of the Day

Today’s song is to be used as you brush your teeth!

Joke of the Day

I wonder if the children in RB can guess who sent in today’s joke? Nuala of course! (She loves badgers!)

What do you call a badger with a carrot in each ear?

Anything you want, he can’t hear you.

Reception only- Sound of the Day

Sound of the day is y. The picture to be written in the word frame is ‘yell’- don’t forget the ll digraph!

2 responses to “Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 27/3/20”

  1. Gemma says:

    Nala said thankyou I love you aya-Sophia, I miss you and can’t wait to see you soon and I’m going to make you a card too.

  2. Nimisha Barai says:

    That picture is lovely Aya-Sophia, Janvi said and she misses you all too

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