Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 24/3/20

Monday 23rd March | 2 comments

Well done to everyone for the fabulous work posted on Tapestry yesterday. Mrs Puddiphatt and Mrs Fulton will be replying to your posts this week. They had lots of fun guessing your stories! Miss Bray also showed your pictures to your friends who are in school- they were very impressed! Here are some examples. Can you guess the story?

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Your challenge today is to explore repeating patterns. Can you look at the pictures below and explain the patterns? What should come next?

Can your child create their own pattern using objects found around the house?

If you create a pattern for your child featuring a deliberate mistake can the spot and fix the mistake?

What does your child notice about this pattern? Can they create a pattern like this?

Song of the Day

What patterns can you spot in this song?

Can you follow the ‘stomp stomp clap’ pattern?

Joke of the Day

Today’s joke of the day is from Autumn!

Why did the sheep and the hors Live next to eech other?

Becos they woor naaaaaaaybrzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Reception only- Sound of the Day

Sound of the day is /v/. Can your child find objects around their house that start with v? The sheet below might be useful there is space to write the word van and then space for a sentence. The children could compose their own sentence or if they need some support try ‘Get the vest’ or ‘The van is big’ or ‘The vet helps the pets’.

2 responses to “Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 24/3/20”

  1. Gemma says:

    This is fantastic we are taking part every day, great to keep a routine. Thankyou so much some great pictures here Nala loves drawing and creating. She guessed the answer to the joke guess it must be one they are all familiar with…

  2. Sumera Ibrahim says:

    Having fun with these today. Shaheer’s joke of the day: why did the banana go to the doctor? Because it wasn’t PEELING well(!!)

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