Nursery & Reception Home Learning 1/4/20

March 31, 2020 at 9:35 pm

Apologies to any parents who were trying to work from home yesterday because our Farfield musicians were LOUD! It looks like you all had lots of fun exploring music. Take a look at this video. Can you spot your friends? What instruments are they playing?

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s Tapestry Challenge is to think about the days of the week and maybe even the months of the year.

Do you know the days of the week? What day is it today? What day was yesterday? What day will it be tomorrow?

Maybe you could make a display in your house to help you keep track of the days?

Take a look on Youtube. There are lots of days of the week songs. Which is your favourite?

You might also like to think about the months of the year. Do you know the months? Do you know when your birthday is?

Songs of the Day

Joke of the Day

Today’s joke was sent in by Nala!

What did the mummy cow say to the baby cow?

It’s pasture bedtime!

Reception only: Phonics

The sound of the day is qu. This alphablocks episode reminds us that Q always needs U.

Can you read this qu words?

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning: 31/3/20

March 31, 2020 at 7:49 am

Looking at the photographs and videos on Tapestry it’s fabulous to see the variety of work taking place at home. At school, we always see children taking their learning in their own direction and it’s great that this is continuing at home.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s Tapestry Challenge is to explore musical instruments.

Start by playing guess the instrument. Do you know what each instrument looks like? Try searching youtube to watch each instrument being played.

Do you have any instruments in your house? What do you know about those instruments?

Your final task is to make your own instrument. You might decide to use pots and pans to make a drum kit, a box and elastic bands to make a guitar or come up with your own marvellous creation! If you’ve been having video calls with your friends maybe you could start an online band?

Song of the Day

Joke of the Day

Thank you to Zackary for today’s cheesy joke!

What did the cheese say when he looked in the mirror?


Reception only: Phonics

Today’s sound of the day is a digraph. That means it’s two letters making one sound. Read the words below. Can you guess what today’s sound is?

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning 30/3/20

March 29, 2020 at 2:42 pm

Last week we had a great start to home learning! Thank you so much for everything you are doing to support your children to ensure they are still making progress. It is really important that the children are still doing maths, reading and writing daily to ensure the transition back into school is not too tricky. We will try to include ideas for how to squeeze all three areas into the Tapestry Challenge each day but we love seeing the creative ideas you’re coming up with yourselves!

It’s great to see so many parents making use of free resources online such as twinkl. You might have noticed that some resources downloaded from there are not in cursive fonts. Generally, there is an option to download an alternative version. Please see the images below or contact staff if you need some support with this.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to select your favourite story character and show us! We would love if you could draw and label a picture of them. When labelling some children should be able to label independently, others will need support from an adult but could still write some letters. Don’t forget to use your sound mat for support. You could extend this task by writing a sentence about your favourite character!

You could include some counting in this task too. How many legs does your character have? How many times do they feature in the story? How many different colours will you need to draw them?

Song of the Day

Enjoy learning about the planets in today’s song! Could you draw and write the names of each planet?

Joke of the Day

Thank you to Maude for today’s joke!

What goes ha ha ha thud?

A monster laughing it’s head off!

Reception only: Phonics

We are glad to see that children are still enjoying their phonics work at home. If possible please try to go over the sounds daily. You could do this using the sound mats sent home in your work packs or using any of the phonics website previously mentioned in the blog. Try this Youtube Video-

Sound of the day is z. Again, it’s a tricky one to find examples of! On any phonics websites, you will find the z sound under phase 3 phonics.

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 27/3/20

March 27, 2020 at 7:38 am

Wow! What a kind bunch of friends you are! Yesterday we heard children were video calling each other and sending pictures, messaging and drawings to cheer up their friends. Well done everybody! Parents- There is a Facebook group run by parents called ‘Farsley Farfield 2019 Starters’ that you might be interested in joining. At school, the children made sure they thanked the adults who are still at school helping us by making lunch and keeping the school clean.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to sort objects. Can you sort by colour, shape and size? What else could you sort by? If you added …… where would it go?

If you’re feeling fancy you could extend this by sorting numbers e.g. Numbers that are more than 3 and numbers that are less than 3.

Which one doesn’t belong has lots of pictures that you could use to spark discussion about sorting into groups. The shapes ones will probably be most interesting for Nursery & Foundation stage- maybe leave graphs and equations for now!

Try posting pictures onto Tapestry for your teachers to guess what you have sorted by.

Song of the Day

Today’s song is to be used as you brush your teeth!

Joke of the Day

I wonder if the children in RB can guess who sent in today’s joke? Nuala of course! (She loves badgers!)

What do you call a badger with a carrot in each ear?

Anything you want, he can’t hear you.

Reception only- Sound of the Day

Sound of the day is y. The picture to be written in the word frame is ‘yell’- don’t forget the ll digraph!

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 26/3/20

March 26, 2020 at 7:10 am

We are loving the photographs, videos and comments about your home learning. Super to see the children so motivated! We have been adding dojo points on for all of your fabulous work and we hope that the children have not forgotten our class rules. The children should still be listening to others, being kind to everyone and being the best that they can be. If anyone needs to lose any dojo points just let us know!

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to talk about what makes a good friend. We recently discussed this during circle time at school so it will be interesting to see how much the children can remember.

How are you a good friend at school? How are you a good friend at home?

We are all missing our friends at the moment. What could you do to show everyone from school that you are still a good friend? You may write a letter, send a video or draw a picture. You could do this for one friend or all of your friends at school. If you do not have contact with your school friends post it on Tapestry and let us know- we’ll try our best to send it on!

Joke of the Day

Mr Garlick is loving your jokes and has sent today’s joke of the day-

How do you make a sausage roll?

Push it down a hill!

Song of the Day

One of our favourites to do at school!

Reception only: Sound of the day

Sound of the day is a slightly tricky one today- X x. You might struggle to find objects that start with this sound but maybe you could think of some words that end with the sound?

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 25/3/20

March 24, 2020 at 7:02 pm

Another day of fantastic home learning! We’re so proud of how hard you are all working.

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Today’s challenge is to go on a number hunt! Grown-ups it’s completely up to you how you do this. Here are a few ideas to get you started-

You could hide numbers around the house for your child to find. They might even look for them in order. Forwards to ten then backwards from ten etc.

You could look in your cupboards. Do you see any numbers on food packaging? What do the numbers mean?

Your child could take a pen and paper around the house with them to copy any numbers they find.

Or maybe you could take a walk around your local area to look for house numbers, number plates on cars etc.

Mrs Fulton’s number hunt…

Song of the Day

Joke of the Day

Thank you to Shaheer for today’s joke!

Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn’t PEELING well(!!)

Reception only: Sound of the Day

Today’s sound of the day is w. Can you remember this letter’s name as well as the sound?

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 24/3/20

March 23, 2020 at 5:05 pm

Well done to everyone for the fabulous work posted on Tapestry yesterday. Mrs Puddiphatt and Mrs Fulton will be replying to your posts this week. They had lots of fun guessing your stories! Miss Bray also showed your pictures to your friends who are in school- they were very impressed! Here are some examples. Can you guess the story?

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Your challenge today is to explore repeating patterns. Can you look at the pictures below and explain the patterns? What should come next?

Can your child create their own pattern using objects found around the house?

If you create a pattern for your child featuring a deliberate mistake can the spot and fix the mistake?

What does your child notice about this pattern? Can they create a pattern like this?

Song of the Day

What patterns can you spot in this song?

Can you follow the ‘stomp stomp clap’ pattern?

Joke of the Day

Today’s joke of the day is from Autumn!

Why did the sheep and the hors Live next to eech other?

Becos they woor naaaaaaaybrzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Reception only- Sound of the Day

Sound of the day is /v/. Can your child find objects around their house that start with v? The sheet below might be useful there is space to write the word van and then space for a sentence. The children could compose their own sentence or if they need some support try ‘Get the vest’ or ‘The van is big’ or ‘The vet helps the pets’.

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Nursery & Reception Home Learning- 23/3/20

March 22, 2020 at 8:07 pm

Tapestry Challenge of the Day

Draw your favourite story! It could be on paper with felt tips/crayons/paint, outside with chalk or even on a painting app on your tablet. Try to discuss characters, settings and storyline.

The children were keen to make this challenge a task for their teachers too. We told the children that they can post their pictures on Tapestry without telling us the name of their story so we can guess (Parents- please be nice and give us clues if they pick a tricky one!)

Song of the Day

Try finding 5 objects to represent the current buns. Pause the song each time to say the number sentence with your child ‘Five take away one equals 4’ etc.

Joke of the Day

What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

Nacho cheese!

Reception only- Sound of the Day

The sound of the day is j. The children should already be familiar with this sound. You could use any of the phonics links in the previous post as well as the sheet saved below. Please try to ensure the children practise writing this sound in Farfield’s cursive style.

We hope that there is plenty here to keep you busy. Please let us know what you think- is this too much, not enough or just right?

The EYFS Team

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Reception News

March 21, 2020 at 8:33 am

This week has been emotional however your children have really brightened us up during these unusual times! Saying goodbye to lots of you and your children on Friday was extremely tough but we would like to thank you all for continuing to support us and your children.

Everything is going to be entirely different for a while however we are still here to support you and your child. Below is a brief summary of the week followed by some ideas to start you off on the ‘home learning’ process. We will be posting daily (Monday-Friday) on the blog. Having discussed ideas with the children this week we have decided that the daily posts will include-

Tapestry Challenge of the Day– A task for you to complete (and hopefully enjoy) with your child. This can then be posted on Tapestry where staff will respond!

Song of the Day– A youtube link to a song for you and your family to enjoy together at home.

Joke of the Day- The children are keen to contribute to this section so please feel free to email your suggestions!


This week we have introduced the tricky word ‘all’ and revised all phonemes taught so far. The children are becoming really confident reading and writing phase 3 phonemes.


This week we have started to look at positional language. The children have used maps and places objects: next to, above, below etc. We have also been recapping number bonds to ten and practising ordering numbers.

Ideas to continue learning at home

We have handed out work packs to support the children with their home learning. The packs contain a variety of new resources to encourage the children to practise their English and Maths skills.

We will continue to add ideas, challenges and support to the blog but here are some websites and youtube channels that you will find helpful-

Youtube: Mr T’s Phonics

We use Mr Thorne’s phonics videos regularly at school. The children particularly LOVE Geraldine the Giraffe. The Youtube video below is one that we have watched recently in class but take a look at his channel for lots of support.

Alphablocks and Numberblocks

You may have seen Alphablocks or Numberblocks on CBeebies. They are perfect educational resources to support reading, writing and maths. The CBeebies website has lots of online and printable resources. There also lots of episodes available to watch on BBC Iplayer and Youtube.

Phonics Play

We regularly use Phonics Play during our phonics lessons. The children should be familiar with the website. We complete phase 2 or phase 3 flashcards daily with the children to support their reading and writing and this website will allow you to continue this at home. The children also love the games available.

This website normally requires a paid subscription however they have generously provided the account details above for parents to use for free during school closures.


Another company trying their best to support home learning is Twinkl. Their website features information explaining how you can access a free months subscription. Their website includes resources covering the entire Reception curriculum. You can use the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) tab to find age-related materials.

Teacher Contact Details

Please continue to contact us as you have done throughout the rest of the school year. We will have access to our emails, Tapestry and the blog. Feel free to email us with any questions, requests or to share your child’s learning or share photographs of their progress on Tapestry.

Miss Bray: [email protected]

Mrs Puddiphatt: [email protected]

We hope that you all stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon,

The Reception Team

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Reception News

March 13, 2020 at 3:39 pm


This week we have learned the phoneme ‘ur’. We have practised reading it, writing it and adding ‘ur’ words into sentences. This weeks main focus has been phonics assessments. We have really enjoyed seeing the progress the children have made.


During maths sessions we have continued to look at number bond for 10. We introduced part-whole models to show the different number bonds. The children also had access to different manipulatives to show their own number bonds to ten. The children used this knowledge to write number sentences.


This week we spotted a rainbow during outside play. The children were interested to know how rainbows are formed. We used the internet to find out. The children then painted their own rainbows by mixing primary colours to achieve the seven colours needed.

Everything else!

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