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Friday 24th January | No comments yet

This week we have been very busy. At the end of last week we reorganised the Home Corner with the help of the children. The new layout is spacious and has proved very popular. There is a dining kitchen area, a living room and a baby’s room. The children have been role playing sitting at the table and eating a meal together. They set the table with place mats, plates, cups and a plant and chatted while they played. This role play area is beneficial in developing children’s speaking and listening skills as well as sparking their imagination.

The small construction area has also had a revamp. The children have been encouraged to write labels for their models if they want to display them.
One of our focus children this week was talking about ice so we filled different containers with water and added sparkly materials and put them in the freezer. All the children were excited when the ice was frozen and they enjoyed investigating it both inside and outside.
In maths we have been learning about the number 1. This week the children have been representing the number. They have written the number and drawn one object. Our ‘Disco Dough’ sessions have really helped with fine motor skills.
Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and in Nursery we have been talking about what the people who celebrate this festival do. We talked about different people celebrating different festivals and everyone in Nursery celebrating birthdays. The children had the opportunity to make cards and found out that red is an important colour to the Chinese people.
They also practised using chopsticks…
Have a lovely weekend from the Nursery team.

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