Busy Reception strikes again!

Friday 24th January | No comments yet


This week we have introduced two tricky words: we and she. The children enjoyed hunting for the words and sorting them. The phonemes we have looked at are: ng and ai. We have had lots of fun reading alien words and writing real words containing these phonemes.


Our maths focus this week has been on the numbers 6 and 7. We have enjoyed playing games, number hunts and formation. We have used lots of resources this week to support the children in showing the different ways of representing each number.

Farm visit

Some children enjoyed visiting our farm. They fed the chickens and went on a walk around the grounds looking at the different crops.

Everything else!

Homework this week is to look at the numbers 6 and 7. There are some suggestions in your home learning books and a few videos below to help. Feel free to share learning in the books or on tapestry.

Have a lovely weekend.

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