Great work in Reception

Friday 17th January | 3 comments


The children have learnt a new ‘tricky word’ this week. We have been looking at ‘was’. It was quite tricky at first but lots of children have started to recognise and write it.

The phonemes we have looked at are: ‘sh’ and ‘th’. Mr Thorne has some videos to help the children at home.


This week we have continued to practise our number bonds for 5. We have played lots of games and used lots of different manipulatives. We have also spent some time forming the numerals to 10.

Everything else!

Can we please remind parents that library books should be returned to school each Friday.

Have a lovely weekend.

From all of the Reception Team

3 responses to “Great work in Reception”

  1. Emma says:

    What an interesting week. Lots of great fun had whilst learning.

  2. Saima says:

    It looks like it’s been a very buzzing busy week 👍🏻

  3. Helen Wells says:

    Wow that looks like an action packed week. Thanks for all the lovely photos and update

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