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The children have continued to revise the phase 3 phonemes and phase 3 tricky words. We have done lots of work this week on sentences and have been reading and writing sentences containing the phase 3 phonemes. The children have spent time organising words to make  sentences and have looked at what makes a sentence, including having a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces.

We have also been challenging the children to see how many phonemes/tricky words they can write in a minute; they have really enjoyed this activity.


We have continued the work on subtraction this week. The children have been using a number lines to count backwards when subtracting. They have really liked this video which supports counting backwards from 20-0:

Coffee Shop

A child in RH organised a ‘coffee shop’ this week. We settled on the more child-friendly option of having hot chocolate! The children had to write down what they wanted from the ‘coffee shop’ and pay for their items using real money. They had a lovely time sat outside in the sunshine.


The children have been spending more and more time playing outside so we have taken reading to the outdoors! The children have had to read special tasks and follow the instructions/answer the questions.

School Trip

Due to RH’s trip falling on possible days of Eid, some children from RH will now be going on the trip with RK on Thursday 13th June. Parents of those children have had a letter to notify them of the date change.

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