A new year in Nursery

Friday 11th January | 1 comment

Happy New Year!

The children seem to have had a good rest over the last two weeks as they have returned very refreshed and keen to be busy.

We have set up a new role play area which has excited the children. The Winter Wonderland area has been very popular and has sparked lots of imagination. We often assume that children understand most of the words and concepts we use in everyday speech but sometimes they may not have that knowledge. We have been talking about the words ‘winter’ and ‘cold’ and children have explained their meanings. We used the computer to find images which explain these words and made two posters which are displayed in the winter area.

The children enjoyed painting winter trees to display…

They experienced ice…

And had fun with wintery things…

Other things this week…

And making a real cake…

What a busy week!

Have a good weekend from the Nursery team.


One response to “A new year in Nursery”

  1. Ruth (Frank's mum) says:

    Frank says he has really liked the winter den this week 🙂

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