Lots of Maths in Nursery

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This week the children have been demonstrating their Maths skills both inside and outside.


The children were looking at shapes on the playground as they practised on the balance bikes.


The children have been using magnetic shapes to create all sorts of things. Someone made a pair of glasses from squares and other children made pizzas from the triangles. They have also been using the 2D shapes to make 3D shapes. They counted 6 squares out and made cubes from them with some adult support. They loved the satisfaction of then being able to make them independently.

One child was very keen to help setting the table for lunch so was able to count out the plates and knives and forks.

In the ‘Funky Finger’ area the children have been making pictures with natural materials. Some of the small woodland creatures have numbers on the back so they children had opportunities to recognise numbers and put them in order from 1 to 10.

Some other photos…


Don’t forget that next week we have our Open Evenings. They are on Tuesday and Wednesday during Parent’s Evening. Tuesday 3.45pm until 6pm and Wednesday 3.45pm until 7pm. These are drop in sessions for you to come and have a look around and chat to staff.

Have a good weekend.

From the Nursery team.


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