Busy bakers in RK this week!

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This week has been another busy one. The children are getting tired after such a long term although they are still listening and trying their best.

In phonics we revised all the phonemes we have already learnt – s, a, t, i, p, n, m, d, g and learnt the new phonemes o, c and k. The children thought of some their own words – carrot, cabbage, kick, kite.

We practised forming the letters remembering to start at the bottom. Many children found forming an o tricky. The video clip below (up to 1.30 mins) shows you how to form a cursive ‘o’.

Our tricky word this week was ‘no’. It was little harder for the children to put ‘no’ in to a sentence, although someone did say “No I don’t want to go to Nursery”. We continue to remember the tricky words we have already learnt – I and to.

Literacy Workshop

Thank you to the parents who came to the Literacy workshop yesterday. If you didn’t attend then we will give you your pack and explain the contents to you on parents evening

In Maths this week, we have been revising our knowledge of numbers 1 to 5. Showing adults different ways to represent the numbers. We ordered the numbers and then worked out which numbers were missing. The children created their own number tracks using pictures to represent the numbers. We are continuing to practise counting objects, which can’t be moved like claps and jumps.

In PE we had a Halloween themed lesson. The children had to practise their balancing on a broomstick, keeping fir on the trampettes, climbing up high and some creeping. They all did so well showing different ways of moving.

As part of our PSHCE the children are learning the meanings behind the hexagons in our school logo. They have talked about be happy, be healthy and this week they discussed what it means to be a great learner. They agreed that you need to try your best.

The rest of week we have been making soup, pancakes, baking, making slime, washing out numbers, hammering pegs in to pumpkins, practising forming the graphemes s, a, t, writing outside and lots more….

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