Spooky things happening in RH…

Friday 12th October | 6 comments

There have been spooky things happening in RH this week. Some of the children had been drawing pictures of spooky characters, so we put some spooky things in the classroom. The children have decorated the house for Halloween, made magic wands and hats and have been dancing to spooky music. We have also been reading spooky stories and we even had a spooky PE lesson this week.


This week we have learnt the tricky word /to/. We have practised saying the word in a sentence, reading the word and writing the word.

The children have learnt the phonemes:

Here are some videos to help you pronounce the phonemes correctly at home:





We have been learning about the word ‘crunch’ this week as the children have been crunching in the leaves outside. We discussed the season of Autumn and we discussed how trees change in Autumn.


In maths this week, the children have learnt about the number 5.

Number 5:

As well as this, we have spent some time modelling how to draw a number of things and how to form the numbers 1-5. The children have had a go at following instructions to draw a number of things on a plate:

School Learning Hive

Last week we looked at the ‘Be happy’ hexagon and we read a story called ‘Everybody Feels Happy’. The children then reflected on what makes them happy.






This week, we have looked at ‘Be a good citizen’ as Vanshika had completed some charity work at the weekend. We also talked about how to be a ‘good citizen’ in school.






What else has been happening?


A couple of weeks ago, you should have received a letter containing information about Tapestry with a permission slip to return. If you have not sent in your permission slip, please do this as soon as possible. Everyone has now been sent an activation email (please check your junk email folders if you haven’t seen it) which gives you access to your child’s Tapestry observations.   If you have any questions or you’re unsure about Tapestry, please ask a member of the RH team.

Literacy Workshop

Don’t forgot our Literacy workshop is on Thursday 18th October. There are two time slots for the workshop, 2.30-3.15 and 6.45-7.30. The workshops are really valuable and show you how we teach Literacy in Reception and what systems we have in place. Hopefully, it may answer some of the questions below that you may have:

We hope you have a great weekend.

The RH team


6 responses to “Spooky things happening in RH…”

  1. Manjeet Bassan says:

    Love reading the blogs, looks like all the children are having such a lovely time in school. Its great to see pictures and updates.

  2. Sheila singh (Vanshika mum) says:

    A great spooky week for all the children…Vanshika really enjoyed the spooky P.E lesson. She had lots to talk about. She has been working hard for the community last week. Thank you ?

  3. Mehnaz Begum says:

    Amina has enjoyed herself this week. She enjoyed making her witches hat.

  4. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    Spooky week looked like lots of fun

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