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Thursday 11th October | No comments yet

Another busy week!

The children have been doing lots of varied things this week and having fun.


Baking is an important part of life in Nursery and this week children began to learn how to bake buns. The children learn which ingredients they need and how to weigh them out. They mix them together and spoon the mixture into cases. An adult will put them in the oven and the children will look through the glass to see when they are ready.


Lots of things have been happening this week. The creative corner is very popular and one girl who loves working there wanted to help to set up new storage containers. She was a fantastic help!

Some children made hand prints ready to display in the creative corner.

Other children were very interested in playing with the whales in the water. They also enjoyed finding out about them.

Finally writing for a purpose. One child made a model and wanted to draw a picture of it. He went to get some paper and a pencil and began to draw his picture. He was encouraged to write his name on it so that he could identify it as his.

Tapestry observations

We have been doing lots of observations of the children over the last few weeks. These show parents what children have been doing and what objectives they have achieved. Please remember to activate your account if you have not already done so.

Have a lovely weekend from all the Nursery team.

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