RF are ready for Year 1!

Thursday 19th July | 1 comment

This week has been as busy as usual. The children have written about their visit to Year 1 last week and Miss Bray has spent some more time with us getting to know all the children. All the children have practised their reading and have a book to read over the holidays. Please keep practising with them and encourage them to work on their cursive letter formation.

Today Miss Bray took her class on a trip so we were able to go and spend some time in her classroom. The children were very excited and enjoyed using some of the resources in the room. Then they went for their lunch from the classroom and sat were the Year 1 children sit for their lunches. Your child should be able to chat to you about what they did.

One of our focus children has planned a Disney disco for tomorrow. She made a poster and put it in the window instead of sending invitations home. The children can bring Disney clothes for the afternoon if they have them. Please do not go out and buy anything as all the children will be able to join in with the disco. Please remember your picnic food for Monday afternoon and all the grown ups are invited from 2.30pm.

Have a lovely weekend from all the staff in RF.

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  1. Anna Pritchard says:

    Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to both Mrs Fulton and Mrs Longhorn for all the time, care and support they have given over the past year, Matilda has thoroughly enjoyed her time in RF and although she is nervous about moving up to yr 1 she is also really excited! Matilda has told us lot’s about her time in 1B and time she has spent with Miss bray! Thank you for helping Matilda organise the Disney party, again she loved every second of it! I am very much looking forward to the picnic Monday afternoon, let’s hope we have good weather!

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