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Friday 6th July | 1 comment

This week the children have again been very busy even in the heat! Some children have been to visit the farm which always proves very popular. The children collected some strawberries and raspberries.

Other children were really feeling the heat and wanted to make ice lollies for everyone.

We have also had a Spanish disco party. The children were practising their dance moves for their holidays.

The children have done lots of reading this week and in Maths we have been practising addition using a new method. We used large hoops and put objects in both and then in the connecting hoop we worked out the answer. The children also had experience of working out missing numbers. There was one hoop with objects in and the children had to work out how many objects they needed to make the total. They also practised this individually.

Finally in PE today the children have been practising their Sport’s Day races. Sport’s day is next Wednesday and parents are invited to watch Reception in the morning.

Have a lovely weekend from all the staff in RF.

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  1. Peter Harris says:

    Great stuff. No raspberries on the farm at this time of year. That is probably a Tayberry: a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, and named after the river Tay in Scotland.

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