Nursery’s learning this week…

Friday 6th July | 2 comments

We have had another busy and hot week in Nursery. The children seem to be coping well in the high temperatures. Please can we remind you that the children really need to be wearing hats when playing outside. We are regularly prompting the children to drink water and milk throughout the day.

The children have shown interest in taking photos and videos using the iPad’s. We have shown them how to make sure they include everyone’s head/body in the picture. They may have even taken a few selfies! The children took turns and shared the iPad’s every 5 minutes.

I bought some fresh peas this week and the children were keen to learn how to pod them. I challenged them to work out where I had bought them and they recognised the Co-op brand. We talked about having our 5 a day, the fact they were grown in England (British flag) and the farm assured picture. The children enjoyed collecting the peas and finding the biggest and smallest pea.

Here’s our week in pictures…

We have also learnt about using egg shells in the garden. Egg shells can keep snails and slugs away as they are sharp. This will stop our plants from being eaten.

Sports day – Wednesday 11th July

We have explained to the children about what will happen on Wednesday. At 9.10am there will be a parade of each class around the playground. Nursery are team England and we will be known as ‘Kane’s Kings’ (fingers crossed there still in the World Cup next week!). Those children who have chosen to have made their own crown to wear. We will then head to the field where Nursery and reception classes will do 2 races before Year 1 and 2 children join us. Sports day should conclude by 10.30. If your child doesn’t come to Nursery on a Wednesday morning, then please feel free to bring them to Sports Day although they must sit with you and wait to be called over to race.


We have revised the letters s, a, t, i, p, o, g, d, m, n. We have learnt c, k, ck, finding out they have the same sound but look different. We talked about ck being found at the end of words like tick, tock.


We have been practising positional language and using our friends and puppets to show our understanding of – under, next to, on top of, behind and in front of. We have continued counting up to 20 and back from 10. Lots of children have also chosen to order numbers to 10 or 20. The children have had fun creating their own patterns.

Harlow Carr

We are looking forward to the first of our trips to Harlow Carr next Thursday. Please remember we are aiming to leave for the trip at 8.30am due to the Yorkshire Show traffic in and around Harrogate. The children will need to be wearing sun cream and a hat. They will also need a packed lunch in a disposable bag. Information packs for volunteers are being distributed this week and next.

For those children staying at school there will be the opportunity for them to play in either Reception class.

Have a super weekend. Hopefully England will win! See you next week.

The Nursery team

2 responses to “Nursery’s learning this week…”

  1. Natalie (Micah's mum) says:

    Lovely to see all of the kids having fun and this looks like it was a very interesting week! Micah shelled his sugar snap peas at tea time yesterday.

  2. Claire Brennan says:

    What a fun and busy week you have all had. Good luck in sports day. I’ll be cheering you all on from work ☹️

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