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Friday 27th April | 2 comments

We have had a super busy week in Nursery from baking, cutting trolls hair, gardening to recycling!

The children are really in to performing and a number of children create dances to different kinds of music from Tinkerbell to Bohemian Rhapsody! They rehearse their moves and then when the show is ready they perform on the stage in front of an audience. Watch out as we might be performing to you one day soon!

Lots of the children said if you watch a show you need to have popcorn. So we tried making our own popcorn in a saucepan, as you may already know we burnt it! Next we tried using a microwave. This was more successful and the children could see the popcorn kernels popping and jumping and getting very big. This bowl of popcorn was more enjoyable to eat!

Story writing has really taken off this week. The children are becoming more and more creative thinking of their own stories. They started repeating stories that they know well to writing their own. They watch an adult scribe the story and they finish it by signing their name. We then bring the story to life and act it out with the help of our friends

Although the weather has been cloudy, cold, wet with a bit of sunshine this hasn’t stopped the Nursery children helping Mrs Spencer to make our outdoor area look more colourful and beautiful. They have been weeding and digging holes to plant some primroses. If you have any plants, flowers, seeds or pots you no longer need please send them our way.

Last weekend some children watched the Vaisakhi parade. Jesse shared his photographs and Harshaan told us that she walked to lots of Gurdwaras and it was a long way. Jesse remembered that there was music playing and lots of people wore the colour orange. The children watched a ‘Let’s Celebrate Vaisakhi’ programme on Cbeebies. We learnt that Vaisakhi is the harvest and new year festival of the Punjab region. The day is celebrated in April with bright new clothes, singing and dancing. Vaisakhi is particularly important to Sikhs. In 1699, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid the foundation for the collective faith of Sikhism on Vaisakhi. For Sikhs the day is marked by an early visit to the Gurdwara, which is decorated with flowers and offerings, processions through the streets, singing and chanting of hymns and scriptures, dancing, and evening meals with the family.

In our phonics we have been remembering all about the ‘s’ phoneme and then we learnt about ‘a’. We found some ‘a’ objects – ant, apple and anchor.

In our number work we listened to the beat of the drum and counted how many times we heard the beat. We then learnt about the number ‘6’. We read the number 6 book and practised counting 6 objects and recording the number 6.

Other fun this week…

Farsley Library trip

Don’t forget we are going to visit Farsley library over 3 days – 15th, 16th and 17th May. We still need some more volunteers for each of those visits. Don’t forget if your child doesn’t attend on one or all of these days then please feel free to meet us at the library. Volunteers will need to meet us at the library.

Fingers crossed the sun comes out next week! Have a great weekend.

The Nursery team

2 responses to “Performers in Nursery…”

  1. Aylas mum says:

    Great. I will meet you at the library on the Wednesday with Ayla.

  2. Sheila singh (Vanshika mum) says:

    The children have been so busy last week. Vanshika enjoyed making popcorn last week, she told me all about it getting burnt. She is looking forward to the library trip soon and excited to read some lovely books…?

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