A very busy two weeks in RH!

Friday 27th April | 1 comment

We have had a very busy and fun-filled two weeks in RH.


Last week, the children decided they wanted to have a picnic. We discussed our favourite sandwiches and read the story ‘Sam’s Sandwich’ which is about a boy who makes a sandwich for his sister and decides to add an insect/creature every time he added a layer to the sandwich. The children made their own sandwiches for the picnic and we discussed cutting them in half and what ‘half’ looks like.

A group of children decided they wanted to make some chocolates for the picnic so they went to the Co-Op in Farsley to buy some chocolate. They then melted the chocolate into ice cube trays, added spinkles on them and put them in the fridge to set. They were delicious chocolates! Another group of children made a chocolate cake for the picnic which was equally as tasty.


The children have been very interested in pets this week. One of our focus children said that she wanted to be a vet when she  was older. We have discussed what animals you keep as a pet and which animals aren’t suitable for having as pets. Some children went to visit a pet shop and bought a new fish tank for the classroom. We are going to set the fish tank up so the water can purify over the weekend ready for some new  pet fish for the classroom!

We have read the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ and the children have been making rainbow fish using CDs and different art materials. We also have a new vets/pet shop in the classroom.

Washing Cars

We have had some very helpful children who wanted to wash cars. They had to identify the correct number plates in order to wash the cars. They had a long list of cars to wash!


Making Perfume

The children wanted to make perfume so we used flowers, leaves and a bit of water to make some perfume to take home.

The Rainbow Factory

The children had a fabulous time at the Rainbow Factory yesterday. They watched a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ show and then completed lots of activities related to the story.

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  1. hannahstewart says:

    Wow you have been super busy RH class! I’m looking forward to seeing your fish when you get them.

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