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This week’s learning has taken us back to space! The children have been learning about the planets and reading lots of non-fiction texts about space. We have talked about the features of non-fiction texts and have used the contents page to turn to topics of interest. Esme made her very own space non-fiction with the support of Mrs Puddiphatt.

Coincidentally, SpaceX launched its very first Falcon Heavy rocket this week to Mars so we have also discussed this with the children.

We have also listened to some music  by the composer Gustav Holst. We listened to his ‘Mars’ and ‘Venus’ pieces from his Planets collection. The children had to listen to the pieces of music and then talk to a friend about how the music made them feel and what it made them think of. They then fed this back to the class.


“It’s scary like a shark”, Jagat.

“Makes me think of spying”, George.

“I thought of skeletons playing the piano”, Neive.


“It’s like stars moving around”, Musa.

“A wedding”, Ben.

“Walking through fields of flowers”, Esme.


We have learnt the phonemes ar, or and ur this week.

So far this term we have learnt: qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oo, ar, or, ur. Please review these sounds over the holidays.

Tricky word this week was ‘they’.


The children have been consolidating their learning on subtraction and have been working out one more and one less than a number. We have also started to look at doubling. We have doubled numbers with counters, Numicon and have been learning songs.







Today the children were jumping off apparatus, moving creatively to music, throwing and catching, creating games and balancing.

Have a lovely week off.

The RH team

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