RF children have a French breakfast

Friday 2nd February | 1 comment

Another busy week!

This week some of the children have been interested in super heroes so have spent time designing and making masks and other essentials. The children really thought about what they wanted their equipment to look like and talked their ideas through with Mr Catto. The end results were very impressive and surely better than any Batman costume!

In Maths this week we have been talking about height and length. The children have been using language such as tall and short and longest and shortest. They really impressed me by taking the concepts they had learned as a class into the areas of provision. They put all the dinosaurs in order, built tall and short towers and mad long and short lines from lots of different resources. Well done!




One response to “RF children have a French breakfast”

  1. Serens mum says:

    Seren has spoken non stop about the croissants and French bread she sampled at school and recreated this at home by using her imagination to make her own with play doh.

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