Christmas has arrived in RF

Friday 1st December | No comments yet

Christmas has arrived in RF.

One of our focus children came to school on Monday very excited about Christmas and talking about her Christmas tree. She asked if we were going to have one in class. Mrs Longhorn knew exactly where the tree and decorations were kept so the children helped her to get everything out and set it up. They did such a good job that Mrs Myers took some of the children to help her set up the tree in the school entrance.  Is your tree up yet?

The next day some of our children crowded themselves into the Home Corner and set up a band! They used whatever they had available to make instruments and had great fun. The following day they asked if they could have some instruments so we went to collect a variety as well as some equipment to dance with. We searched for music on the internet and the children danced and played along. Today in PE the children were still interested in music and dancing so we had instruments and ribbons out again and used all the space in the hall. We finished our session with some very relaxing music!

Have a good weekend from all the staff in RF.

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