No hands in Nursery!

Friday 24th November | 1 comment

We have been super busy in Nursery this week. We have started practising for our Christmas concert. We practise singing the songs and have even gone on the stage to sing our song ‘Twinkle, twinkle bright new star’.

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a few children outside about what would we do without our hands. This led to us looking at photos of people who found other ways to do things because they didn’t have hands. I suggested that we could try painting holding a paintbrush in our mouth or in between our toes. The children had a great time painting, they found picking up the brush with their feet a little tricky!

In our number work we have been singing ‘5 Little Gold Stars’ to the tune of 5 Little Monkey’s. This song is part of our concert and it is helping us to count down from 5 to 0. We have also been counting up to 10/20 and back from 10 to 0.

The children have made their own snack of toast this week. They were shown how to use the toaster safely, butter their toast and cut it in 2 or 4 pieces. This helps to develop the children’s physical skills.

We have talked to and modelled to the children how to solve minor conflicts with their friends by using words. For example, telling a friend when they are sad or if they aren’t sharing a toy. We are also modelling how to ask for things nicely, for example ‘Please can I have…’ or ‘I would like…’.

Christmas concerts

As you are aware the children are busy preparing for their Christmas Concert. They will be performing the concerts on Tuesday 5th December at 9.30am and Thursday 7th December at 2pm. Your child will perform at the concert on the days they attend Nursery. A seating arrangement for all the children will be sent out next week.


Look out for a message we have sent today to all the children using Tapestry.

Farsley Lights

Please feel free to join us at the Farsley Lights parade. We start the parade at Farsley library.

Have a super weekend!

The Nursery team

One response to “No hands in Nursery!”

  1. Claire (Theo B's mum) says:

    I hope Theo showed everyone the tricks he can get up to with his toes. He’s becoming most accomplished at throwing and undoing zips!!

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