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We have had a very exciting week in RH as the classroom has had a bit of a move around. We’ve made the Construction Area and Making Area bigger, introduced new toys in the Sand Area and we have a new Light Box Area.

What have the children been busy doing?

As well as all the above, we have been busy learning lots of other things.


We have looked at positional language by describing things that are behind, next to, on top and below. We have also looked at one more and one less. The children need to be able to say one more and one less than numbers up to 20. A good way to practise using the language of more and less is with objects you use every day. For example, asking for one more carrot or seeing who has more/less of something. You can then progress to one more and one less of numbers.


We have been revising phonemes taught from phase two and have focused particularly on reading words containing  the ‘ff’, ‘ll’, ‘zz’ phonemes.

Our tricky word of the week is ‘she’. We practised writing the tricky word ‘she’ as well as ‘he’, ‘to’ and ‘the’ this week. The children need to start being able to spell some tricky words correctly that they have learnt.

The children have been reading  and writing CVC words this week as well as reading sentences. They have read sentences such as, ‘I am a dog’, ‘I am a pig’, ‘I am a frog’.


We have started to look at the homework the children have completed on different celebrations. We have looked at Diwali and Birthdays so far this week and we will continue into next week.

The children have loved sharing the work they have competed at home and have been able to talk about things they celebrate. Today, we wrote a list of things that we might need for a party – the children helped to recognise initial and final sounds of the words we wrote.

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