Budding Picasso’s in RF

Friday 24th November | 1 comment

We have had a very creative week in RF this week. One of our focus children was very keen to paint. He said he wanted to find a picture of animals to look at so that he knew what to paint. We found pictures of zebras on the internet. Together we collected all the resources needed to paint a picture. He was shown a technique which involved using black felt pens to draw an outline and then how to mix powder paints to a watery consistency. He painted some very detailed pictures. This activity attracted lots of children and they all learned the technique. Their concentration was amazing and the results were fantastic. Lots of the paintings are on display in class and have spread into the corridor. The resources will be available next week for the children to access independently. I am looking forward to the results!

One response to “Budding Picasso’s in RF”

  1. Annette says:

    Wow! Excellent paintings!

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