Lots of Learning in RH

Saturday 18th November | 2 comments


We have been learning about shapes in Maths this week. We have discussed the differences between 2D and 3D shapes and have learnt the names of simple 2D and 3D shapes. The children have learnt that 2D shapes are ‘flat’ and 3D shapes are ‘fat’.


The children have been doing some fantastic writing this week. They have been practising writing CVC words on whiteboards and have been writing stories. Lots of the children have been writing stories about ‘The Gruffalo’ so we read the story and discussed the different characters and components of the story.

People who help us…

A child’s boiler broke last weekend which has sparked many discussions about what a boiler is and who fixes it. Mr Wilson showed the children where the school boiler is and explained to the class how the boiler worked. We have also discussed what a plumber does and how they help us.

We have added pipes and boxes to the Construction Area and the children have loved experimenting and making boilers.

Being creative and playing games…

Aayush and Shailen have been extremely busy making their own Monopoly board with Miss Hutchinson. They designed and made the board, some money to play with and all the other elements of the game.

We have played the game to trial and it out and the boys have explained how to play the game to the rest of the class. Alongside this, we have had lots of discussions about taking turns when playing games and the importance of being patient when waiting for a turn. This is something we will build on next week as the children were all very excited to play the Monopoly game!

Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘Learning about Literacy’ afternoon. We are hoping to deliver another session for those families that couldn’t attend. You will receive a letter next week with more details.

2 responses to “Lots of Learning in RH”

  1. Simon Powell says:

    Really nice to see how the children are learning

  2. David (Odin’s daddy) says:

    I was super impressed when Odin came home talking about cubes, cones, cylinders and Sophias [sic] and saying how they were 3D shapes.

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