RF have a ticket to ride!

Friday 10th November | No comments yet

This week our children have been on some train journeys.

Our focus children were very interested in trains so they planned what they wanted to do this week. They used the internet to find out about guards and timetables. They knew they needed tickets to go on a train journey so lots of the children made tickets. Some children decided to make a model train. They found pictures of trains so that they could build their own. The whole class became very excited when some children moved chairs on to the carpet to role play going on a train journey. Some children wanted to be the driver and some wanted to be passengers. Everyone had fun. Even Mr Catto took on a role. He comes to work everyday on the train so was the perfect person to give the announcements.

Our children have enjoyed lots of other activities this week and they especially enjoyed playing bingo. This week everyone seemed to be a winner. They all seemed to recognise the numbers but perhaps there was a bit of cheating going on!

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget ‘Learning about Literacy’ on Tuesday afternoon.

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