Exercise, snails and slugs in RH…

Friday 10th November | 1 comment

We’ve had an active week in RH this week as the children have been asking to do exercise! Zaynab planned an active maths lesson where we had to run and hunt for numbers. We then had to count jumps, hops and twirls. The children have also been looking at number lines and using them to help them to help work out ‘one more than’ and ‘one less than’.  We have also talked about what exercise is and why it is so important.

Number hunt and ‘active maths’. Some children were very crafty during our number hunt and found numbers on the hop scotch. 

In PE, the children did lots of activities to get their heart rates up, including dancing, jumping on trampolines, performing stretches, running and so on.

Here is the song the children used in their warm up if you’d like to have a go at home:


Snails and Slugs

The children have been very interested in some snail and slug trails they found in the hall. They thought that they needed cleaning up so they wrote letters to Mr Harris. Some children then made snail and slug homes to put in the hall with a note explaining that they could sleep in there. We went to check the homes and found some slugs and snails in there. We decided  to write letters to the snails and slugs asking why they were coming to school. We practised spelling the tricky word ‘to’ at the beginning of our letters and we looked at segmenting sounds in words to write them.


The letters were sent to the snails and slugs and they wrote back to us saying that they were coming into school because it was warm.






The children have been holding the snails and slugs, making pictures using chalks and pastels, looking at non-fiction books about snails and slugs and have read ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and looked at rhyming words. We have also looked at snail and slug habitats and have made a snail home outside.


We haven’t learnt any new phonemes this week as we have been focusing on forming the phonemes that have been taught correctly, and also blending.

Our tricky word this week was ‘into’. The children were able to spot that it was two words stuck together.

The children have been practising writing the tricky words that have been taught this week. We’re very impressed with how their cursive letter formation is progressing. We have included a cursive handwriting sheet at the back of the children’s  Communication Books so you can see how each letter is formed correctly.

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  1. Nicola says:

    I love the idea of writing to the slugs and snails! Really good fun.

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