Budding Picasso’s in RF

November 24, 2017 at 3:47 pm

We have had a very creative week in RF this week. One of our focus children was very keen to paint. He said he wanted to find a picture of animals to look at so that he knew what to paint. We found pictures of zebras on the internet. Together we collected all the resources needed to paint a picture. He was shown a technique which involved using black felt pens to draw an outline and then how to mix powder paints to a watery consistency. He painted some very detailed pictures. This activity attracted lots of children and they all learned the technique. Their concentration was amazing and the results were fantastic. Lots of the paintings are on display in class and have spread into the corridor. The resources will be available next week for the children to access independently. I am looking forward to the results!

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No hands in Nursery!

November 24, 2017 at 3:05 pm

We have been super busy in Nursery this week. We have started practising for our Christmas concert. We practise singing the songs and have even gone on the stage to sing our song ‘Twinkle, twinkle bright new star’.

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a few children outside about what would we do without our hands. This led to us looking at photos of people who found other ways to do things because they didn’t have hands. I suggested that we could try painting holding a paintbrush in our mouth or in between our toes. The children had a great time painting, they found picking up the brush with their feet a little tricky!

In our number work we have been singing ‘5 Little Gold Stars’ to the tune of 5 Little Monkey’s. This song is part of our concert and it is helping us to count down from 5 to 0. We have also been counting up to 10/20 and back from 10 to 0.

The children have made their own snack of toast this week. They were shown how to use the toaster safely, butter their toast and cut it in 2 or 4 pieces. This helps to develop the children’s physical skills.

We have talked to and modelled to the children how to solve minor conflicts with their friends by using words. For example, telling a friend when they are sad or if they aren’t sharing a toy. We are also modelling how to ask for things nicely, for example ‘Please can I have…’ or ‘I would like…’.

Christmas concerts

As you are aware the children are busy preparing for their Christmas Concert. They will be performing the concerts on Tuesday 5th December at 9.30am and Thursday 7th December at 2pm. Your child will perform at the concert on the days they attend Nursery. A seating arrangement for all the children will be sent out next week.


Look out for a message we have sent today to all the children using Tapestry.

Farsley Lights

Please feel free to join us at the Farsley Lights parade. We start the parade at Farsley library.

Have a super weekend!

The Nursery team

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Fun and Learning in RH

November 24, 2017 at 11:25 am

We have had a very exciting week in RH as the classroom has had a bit of a move around. We’ve made the Construction Area and Making Area bigger, introduced new toys in the Sand Area and we have a new Light Box Area.

What have the children been busy doing?

As well as all the above, we have been busy learning lots of other things.


We have looked at positional language by describing things that are behind, next to, on top and below. We have also looked at one more and one less. The children need to be able to say one more and one less than numbers up to 20. A good way to practise using the language of more and less is with objects you use every day. For example, asking for one more carrot or seeing who has more/less of something. You can then progress to one more and one less of numbers.


We have been revising phonemes taught from phase two and have focused particularly on reading words containing  the ‘ff’, ‘ll’, ‘zz’ phonemes.

Our tricky word of the week is ‘she’. We practised writing the tricky word ‘she’ as well as ‘he’, ‘to’ and ‘the’ this week. The children need to start being able to spell some tricky words correctly that they have learnt.

The children have been reading  and writing CVC words this week as well as reading sentences. They have read sentences such as, ‘I am a dog’, ‘I am a pig’, ‘I am a frog’.


We have started to look at the homework the children have completed on different celebrations. We have looked at Diwali and Birthdays so far this week and we will continue into next week.

The children have loved sharing the work they have competed at home and have been able to talk about things they celebrate. Today, we wrote a list of things that we might need for a party – the children helped to recognise initial and final sounds of the words we wrote.

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Lots of Learning in RH

November 18, 2017 at 11:57 am


We have been learning about shapes in Maths this week. We have discussed the differences between 2D and 3D shapes and have learnt the names of simple 2D and 3D shapes. The children have learnt that 2D shapes are ‘flat’ and 3D shapes are ‘fat’.


The children have been doing some fantastic writing this week. They have been practising writing CVC words on whiteboards and have been writing stories. Lots of the children have been writing stories about ‘The Gruffalo’ so we read the story and discussed the different characters and components of the story.

People who help us…

A child’s boiler broke last weekend which has sparked many discussions about what a boiler is and who fixes it. Mr Wilson showed the children where the school boiler is and explained to the class how the boiler worked. We have also discussed what a plumber does and how they help us.

We have added pipes and boxes to the Construction Area and the children have loved experimenting and making boilers.

Being creative and playing games…

Aayush and Shailen have been extremely busy making their own Monopoly board with Miss Hutchinson. They designed and made the board, some money to play with and all the other elements of the game.

We have played the game to trial and it out and the boys have explained how to play the game to the rest of the class. Alongside this, we have had lots of discussions about taking turns when playing games and the importance of being patient when waiting for a turn. This is something we will build on next week as the children were all very excited to play the Monopoly game!

Thank you to everyone who attended the ‘Learning about Literacy’ afternoon. We are hoping to deliver another session for those families that couldn’t attend. You will receive a letter next week with more details.

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This week in RF

November 17, 2017 at 4:02 pm

This week the children have been showing how much progress they have made since September. Each week we have a tricky word to learn to read and write. The children practise their cursive handwriting  with both the tricky word and the phonemes we have been learning. All the children have impressed me with their ability to have a go with their writing and produce recognisable letters. This week our tricky word was ‘he’ and we have been revising all the phase 2 phonemes.They try very hard and are rewarded with extra Dojo points. If you are not sure what Dojo points are ask your child.

We also had our ‘Learning about Literacy’ session which was very well attended. If you were not able to make the session we will send out the information next week.

Christmas is fast approaching and the children have begun to learn the songs for the Nativity. Some parts have already been allocated and the rest will be finalised next week. All the children have been given some words to learn and we would appreciate it if you could practises with your child. More details will follow soon.

have a good weekend from all the staff in RF.

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Bear Hunting and lots more in Nursery this week…

November 17, 2017 at 1:59 pm

The cold weather has started so the children have been practising zipping up their coats. Please can you make sure your child has additional clothing like hat, gloves and scarves labelled, as you can imagine we have lots in the cloakroom!

We have learnt so much this week. We have found out that if we know where we live we can find our houses on Google Earth and some children have been practising their photography skills using iPads (you may spot the odd selfie!).

We continue to develop our phonic skills by practising our listening skills and using our bodies to create different noises. During tidy up time we have also started to listen to a Jolly Phonics song which introduces the children to letter sounds.

The children have been developing their fine motor skills by threading hoops on to pipe cleaners to make bird feeders and using chalk to make marks on the floor.

Our number work involved counting forwards up to 20 and backwards from 5/10 to 0. We are developing the children’s understanding of numbers up to 4, explaining that to write a number 4 not only can you write the numeral but you draw 4 lines, 4 faces or 4 circles.

We have talked a lot in Nursery this week about taking turns with our friends. The children have been encouraged to use a timer to help them share toys or take turns.

On Thursday morning the children decided to act out the story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We created the grass, river, mud, forest and snowstorm. They managed to fill in the missing words to the story and help me to tell it. Perhaps this is something you can try at home? Can your child tell you a story at bedtime using pictures from a well-known story?


Thank you to those parents who have activated their account and are sending in Tapestry observations from home. It is great to see what the children have been doing at home. Keep them coming! If you need support with creating observations then please ask us and we would be happy to take through the short process.

Our busy week…

Have a super weekend.

The Nursery team.

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RF have a ticket to ride!

November 10, 2017 at 4:20 pm

This week our children have been on some train journeys.

Our focus children were very interested in trains so they planned what they wanted to do this week. They used the internet to find out about guards and timetables. They knew they needed tickets to go on a train journey so lots of the children made tickets. Some children decided to make a model train. They found pictures of trains so that they could build their own. The whole class became very excited when some children moved chairs on to the carpet to role play going on a train journey. Some children wanted to be the driver and some wanted to be passengers. Everyone had fun. Even Mr Catto took on a role. He comes to work everyday on the train so was the perfect person to give the announcements.

Our children have enjoyed lots of other activities this week and they especially enjoyed playing bingo. This week everyone seemed to be a winner. They all seemed to recognise the numbers but perhaps there was a bit of cheating going on!

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget ‘Learning about Literacy’ on Tuesday afternoon.

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This week in Nursery

November 10, 2017 at 12:28 pm

The children were excited to share their experiences of bonfire night with us. Not many of the children knew why we celebrated bonfire night so we showed them a short story to explain who Guy Fawkes and what he tried to do.

We have been busy learning to count forwards to 20 and back from 5/10 to 0. Lots of number songs have been sung and we have practised counting 3 objects and marking the number 3.

In phonics we have been on a sound hunt, we had to hear 5, shhhh what can you hear? We heard clocks ticking, elephants, stomping, rabbits jumping, monkeys, wolves and so much more!

Over the last 2 weeks the children have had the opportunity to buy a poppy band, reflector badge or ruler. We asked the children if they knew why so many people we wearing a flower. They managed to tell us it was called a poppy and it was red. We watched a lovely short story about a rabbit and how he felt before, during and after the War.

(Copy and paste the link in to your browser for this Cbeebies short story called ‘Poppies’ –https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/cbeebies/episode/b04p4zsl/poppies )

Another fun week…


Terrific Tapestry Tutorials

Thank you to all the parents/carers who made it to one of our Tapestry Tutorials. We hope you found it really useful. Well done to those who have since sent in observations from home, fantastic! For those who didn’t make it we will be sending out 2 booklets to help you use Tapestry effectively: one is for using it on a computer and the other a mobile device such as phone or tablet. We would urge anyone who hasn’t activated their account to please do so. If you need further support, please let us know and we would be happy to show you how it works.


Have a great weekend.

The Nursery team

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Exercise, snails and slugs in RH…

November 10, 2017 at 11:15 am

We’ve had an active week in RH this week as the children have been asking to do exercise! Zaynab planned an active maths lesson where we had to run and hunt for numbers. We then had to count jumps, hops and twirls. The children have also been looking at number lines and using them to help them to help work out ‘one more than’ and ‘one less than’.  We have also talked about what exercise is and why it is so important.

Number hunt and ‘active maths’. Some children were very crafty during our number hunt and found numbers on the hop scotch. 

In PE, the children did lots of activities to get their heart rates up, including dancing, jumping on trampolines, performing stretches, running and so on.

Here is the song the children used in their warm up if you’d like to have a go at home:


Snails and Slugs

The children have been very interested in some snail and slug trails they found in the hall. They thought that they needed cleaning up so they wrote letters to Mr Harris. Some children then made snail and slug homes to put in the hall with a note explaining that they could sleep in there. We went to check the homes and found some slugs and snails in there. We decided  to write letters to the snails and slugs asking why they were coming to school. We practised spelling the tricky word ‘to’ at the beginning of our letters and we looked at segmenting sounds in words to write them.


The letters were sent to the snails and slugs and they wrote back to us saying that they were coming into school because it was warm.






The children have been holding the snails and slugs, making pictures using chalks and pastels, looking at non-fiction books about snails and slugs and have read ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and looked at rhyming words. We have also looked at snail and slug habitats and have made a snail home outside.


We haven’t learnt any new phonemes this week as we have been focusing on forming the phonemes that have been taught correctly, and also blending.

Our tricky word this week was ‘into’. The children were able to spot that it was two words stuck together.

The children have been practising writing the tricky words that have been taught this week. We’re very impressed with how their cursive letter formation is progressing. We have included a cursive handwriting sheet at the back of the children’s  Communication Books so you can see how each letter is formed correctly.

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This week in RF

November 3, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Halloween played a big part in RF this week. Lots of the children had been to parties over the weekend and were keen to continue the theme in school.

Some children went to our farm and returned with pumpkins and other large vegetables to carve into exciting lanterns. The next day Mr Catto supported them to carve out the vegetables and give them scary faces. As you can see from the photographs, it was very hard work but the results were excellent. We continued this theme in PE and the children pretended to be witches making potions. They were so involved we forgot to take any pictures!

One of our focus children had been to the opticians during the holidays and wanted to set one up in class. Lots of other children helped to find all the things we needed and then had lots of fun taking on a role.

Outside provision continues to be very popular and some children decided to have races on the bikes. Miss Kear acted as the starter and judge. Some children also played football. Lots of energy was used that day.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Tapestry information sessions next week and you should have received your parents’ evening appointments.

Have a good weekend.

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