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Friday 13th October | 5 comments

Another very busy week!

Our focus children this week have generated lots of exciting activities for all the class to share. One of out children had done some bead threading at home so wanted to do some at school as well. We found some wooden vegetables to thread and then tried to make some repeating patterns with them. We talked about the patterns and wondered if we could make patterns with real vegetables. This led to a visit to the farm and the harvesting of some interesting vegetables. All the children took part in making repeating patterns with the homegrown vegetables.

Another child was very interested in washing cars and as you can see in the photos one brave member of staff let them loose on her car!

Some children have also had the opportunity to bake this week. This seems to be a favourite with everyone in RF.

Please check your child’s book bag for letters about Tapestry and parents evenings and don’t forget it is school individual photographs next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

5 responses to “This week in RF”

  1. Hannah Kumar says:

    Wow a very busy week. Thank you for doing such a good job on my car!

  2. Lydia Tyler says:

    Tallulah absolutely loved her visit to the farm! She told me all about the carrots and other vegetables that she picked!

  3. Anna (Matilda's mum) says:

    Looks like you’ve had a busy yet fun week RF, farming, cooking and car washing…. Wow!

  4. Marie gittins says:

    Lots of busy bees. Well done RF

  5. Rebecca Aberdein says:

    What a fantastic set of varied and colourful photos – the class look like they have been busy and involved in very interesting activities. Well done RF, and thank you for keeping my little girl occupied and learning lots of new exciting things. She’s really enjoying school already!

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