Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

Friday 13th October | 7 comments

In Nursery this week the children have been fascinated by ‘pumpkins’. On our funky finger table we had 2 small pumpkins that the children were encouraged to hammer golf tees in to using hammers. This sort of activity helps children build their upper arm strength which in turn will help them hold a pencil using a pincer grip.
Max wondered what it looked like inside, only one way to find out – open it! We all agreed that it had a funny smell and was very slimy. We then went on to find out that you can eat pumpkin – cue to find what we could make!

So the next day we made some ‘Pumpkin passion cupcakes’. We all tried some and thought they were yummy. Mrs Kumar then had a great idea – how about we make lots more buns and sell them at the Harvest Festival on Friday! “Yes” the children said. We decided it would be a good idea to make posters and say how much each bun will cost. The production day was Thursday and the children worked really hard. Some children did some signs and they decided we should sell the buns for 30p. Mrs Myers and a small group sold lots of buns to parents and to staff as well and raised almost £14! The next job is to work out what to spend the money on!

Other news
As well as pumpkins we have been doing so much more…

Individual and sibling photos
On Wednesday Nursery children will have their individual and sibling photos taken. If Wednesday is a day your child isn’t in school then please still come for a photo. You are welcome to come first thing in the morning or after 12.30. Please don’t come later than 2pm.

Thank you to everyone who returned their Tapestry permission slip. We are pleased to say that we have started to post lots of observations out. It is important to know we have completed these observations over a number of weeks so you shouldn’t expect such a large number each week!
We are also sending letters out this week inviting you to find out more about Tapestry. Most parents should have received a user name and password this week. If you have any problem logging in on then please let me or Mrs Hawkhead know – Hannah.kumar@farsleyfarfield.org.uk or rachel.hawkhead@farsleyfarfield.org.uk.

We have seen that some sunshine is forecast this weekend – enjoy!

The Nursery team

7 responses to “Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!”

  1. Carolyn (Emily and Leah's mum) says:

    The cup cakes were lovely.

    Leah’s had a lovely week, thank you.

  2. Bex says:

    Well done nursery selling all of your yummy pumpkin buns today .
    Great baking and fund raising.
    Mrs Myers?

  3. Claire Brennan (Evie & Max's mum) says:

    What a busy week the nursery children have had! Max has done so many amazing things and he’s only in for half a week!
    Well done to the children selling the lovely buns at Harvest Festival too, they did a great job.

  4. Mehnaz- Amina's mum says:

    Amina enjoyed baking buns this week. She has been looking forward to going into nursery so she can bake some more.

  5. Aylas mum says:

    Ayla has really enjoyed the baking and pumpkin theme! ? she told me all about sneaking through with miss purfield and passing over the money ? well done everyone x

  6. Marion (Theos mum) says:

    Theo enjoys reading his new library book through the week and looks forward to changing it. Thanks for the fun times!

  7. Natalie (Micah's mum) says:

    Great photos.
    Micah has really enjoyed the week and loves coming out with his baking, thank you ?

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