Phonics and Spelling

Friday 6th October | No comments yet

So far in phonics, the children have learnt:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k

On Mondays, the children also learn a tricky word. They learn to read and write the word. So far the children have learnt:

‘I’ and ‘to’

Next week, the children will be learning:

  • phonemes – ck, e, u, r
  • tricky word ‘the’

The children will have received a handwriting activity in their Communication Books this week as well as a task to complete. They will receive a handwriting activity every week which will link to the phonemes and tricky words that have been taught.

For more clarity about how to form the letters please click the link below.

T-L-5264-Cursive-Letter-Formation-Powerpoint-with-Rhymes_ver_1 1

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