A trip to Canada in RH

Friday 6th October | 2 comments

We have had an extremely busy week this week in RH.

We have been:

  • creating and following treasure maps to fine golden coins;
  • visiting the farm classroom and learning about plants;
  • planting cress seeds and watching them grow;
  • learning about cricket in PE and
  • we’ve been to visit Canada!


Shailen had been to Canada so we used a map to find Canada and talked about how he got there. He told the class all about Niagra Falls and said that he’d had pancakes for breakfast. He asked if we could go to Canada so we said we could pretend!

The children made passports and were given a ticket with a letter and number written on. They had to find their seat by reading the letters and numbers on the ticket. The children flew to Canada on an aeroplane flown by Pilot Hutchinson and Pilot Gregory. On arrival in Canada, the children were treated to a pancake with Canadian maple syrup made by Chef Puddiphatt. We then flew back to school.


2 responses to “A trip to Canada in RH”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    I am glad that you have explained this as some parents would have been confused by the stories that their children were telling! Sounds fun!

  2. David (Odin’s daddy) says:

    Wow. What a great example of learning through fun, play and imagination.

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