More science in Reception!

Friday 30th June | 1 comment

Another busy week!

This week the children have made some cress eggheads. They used egg shells, cotton wool, cress seeds and water. Have a look at the pictures below to see what has happened. One child asked if the seeds could grow without soil so we used the internet to find out that the nutrients they need to grow are contained within the seed.

We have also been talking about keeping healthy and in particular looking after our teeth. We did an experiment to see what fizzy drinks do to our teeth. We left eggs soaking in cola overnight and then had a look at them. They had darkened in colour so we used a tooth brush and toothpaste to try to clean them. Ask you child about the results!

Finally today we had the S Factor final. The two finalists from reception confidently carried out their experiments in front of the whole school as well as the very important judges. Have a look at our pictures and also the blog written by Mr Harris. Well done to everyone who took part!

One response to “More science in Reception!”

  1. Hannah Kumar says:

    A very healthy week Reception. Well done to our 2 S factor finalists!

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