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Tuesday 6th June | 3 comments

We hope you have had a great half term break. We have 7 weeks left of the Nursery year!! Don’t worry the children will have a smooth transition in to Reception. They will be spending time in both of the Reception classes between now and when we break up. They will also receive a transition booklet which will show the children pictures of their classroom, adults and their friends. These booklets are extremely useful in preparing your child coming back in September.

Reception Open Evening
Please don’t forget the Reception Open Evening is next Thursday 15th September at 7pm in the north hall. On this night you will get your welcome pack which will include the class your child is in and a start date. This meeting gives you a clear insight in to what a year in Reception looks like for both your child and you as parents.

Duck update
The ducks are thriving in their new home. Can you guess which ducks were ours? They are the four ducks on the far right. Mrs Purfield’s ducks are also growing and enjoying their new home.

Pyjama day
Tomorrow – Wednesday 7th September is wear your pyjamas to school day. Children can bring a tin of food and 50p contribution this will go to St George’s Crypt in Leeds.

Have a great week
The Nursery Team

3 responses to “Nursery news!”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    All those ducks look enormous!

  2. Marie says:

    The ducks are doing well. Sure Mrs Purfield is having lots of fun !

  3. Anna (Matilda's mum) says:

    I showed Matilda the pictures of the ducks, she was amazed at how big they are!! Its hard to believe that there’s only 7 weeks left of nursery……I guess it true, time flies when you’re having fun!!

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