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As part of our learning about different celebrations, Reception have been learning about weddings.

We began the topic by reading the story ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’.

This lead to lots of discussions about what weddings entail and the children talked about weddings they had been to.

Last week, Mrs Kaur came to visit the children to talk about Sikh weddings. Mrs Kaur talked about her wedding and  brought her wedding dress and jewellery in to show use. This week, Eden’s Mummy came to chat to Reception about Islamic weddings. Eden’s Mummy had both an Islamic wedding ceremony and a wedding ceremony in a castle in Ireland. We saw some lovely photographs.  Mrs Puddiphatt and Mrs Fulton have also shared their wedding photographs and memories and have talked about Christian weddings.

As you all may have heard, Reception are holding their very own ‘mock weddings’ on Thursday 30th March. We have a lot of planning to do! Next week,  you should receive your invitations from the mother and father of the bride and you should also receive a letter from the dressmakers to explain what the children need to wear. Some outfits will be provided by school.

In maths, the children have been learning about subtraction. We have used lots of different language linked with subtraction, such as less, minus, subtract, take away and so on. The children have completed lots of practical activities and we have really over emphasised the ‘taking away’ of objects. We have also touched on the inverse of subtraction by modelling that if you put those things back, you get back to the number you started with. The children have also been subtracting on a number line by counting back the number of jumps to find the answer. 

A catchy subtraction song (you’ll be singing it all weekend):

In phonics, we have been revising phase 3 sounds as well as introducing some more consonant clusters. Consonant clusters are when two consonants together are formed at the beginning of a word, the end of a word or both. Some examples include /pl/, /cl/, /dr/, /nk/, /mp/. We teach the children to read (chunk) the sounds together to form fluency with their reading. We have read both real and alien words containing consonant clusters. Some examples: drink, paink, plus, clown, brown, train and so on.

Woodwork Bench

We now have full use of a new woodwork bench in the outside provision for Foundation Stage. The children have been very busy making some wonderful pieces of DT work.


Pokemon PE

James in RH is a Pokemon expert. He was delighted to find out today that Reception were having Pokemon PE lessons. James spoke to both classes about some different Pokemon characters and modelled to the children how they move. The children then had to complete the Pokemon challenges.

  1. Fitness camp
  2. Catch the Pokemon by throwing pokeballs (beanbags)
  3. Climbing under and over equipment to find the capital letters and number pokeballs
  4. A Pokemon battle – the children were on their knees on mats and had to throw and catch the balloons or keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team

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